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The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana

The Kama Sutra was written by the Indian sage Vatsyayana around the 3rd century CE. While many commonly cite it as a book about spiritualized sex, it is best seen as a 'better sex' manual with a spiritual influence. It combines practical advice on sexual techniques, knowledge of the different types (temperaments) of men & women, their sex organs, and their love relations, mixed with verses of spiritual wisdom.

The Kama Sutra is valuable not only for sex educational purposes, but also for its insight into ancient India's view of sex. Far from suppressing and demonizing the sex act, much of early India honored sex as a natural part of daily life — a life centered on spiritual pursuits. Not only did sex not conflict with these spiritual aims, it was seen as an integral part of it; the art of love was to be studied and practiced together with all of the '64 arts' listed in the Kama Sutra, as part of a complete spiritual life. Thus it reminds us that all of life is sacred and to be honored.

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The main sexual teachings of the Kama Sutra are in Part II. Click on the chapter links below to read the text.

The Kama Sutra

Part I: Introductory
Chapter I. Preface
Chapter II. Observations on the Three Worldly Attainments of Virtue, Wealth, and Love
Chapter III. On the Study of the Sixty-Four Arts
Chapter IV. ....About the Daily Life of a Citizen.... [omitted]
Chapter V. About Classes of Women.... [omitted]
Part II: On Sexual Union
Chapter I. Kinds of Union According to Dimensions, Force of Desire, and Time; and on the Different Kinds of Love
Chapter II. Of the Embrace
Chapter III. On Kissing
Chapter IV. On Pressing or Marking with the Nails
Chapter V. On Biting, and the Ways of Love to be Employed with Regard to Women of Different Countries
Chapter VI. On the Various Ways of Lying Down, and the Different Kinds of Congress
Chapter VII. On the Various Ways of Striking, and of The Sounds Appropriate to Them
Chapter VIII. About Females Acting the Part of Males
Chapter IX. On Holding the Lingam in the Mouth
Chapter X. How to Begin and How to End the Congress. Different Kinds of Congress, and Love Quarrels
Part III: About the Acquisition of a Wife
Chapter I. Observations on Betrothal & Marriage [omitted — dated customs]
Chaper II. About Creating Confidence In the Girl
Chapter III. Courtship, and the Manifestation of the Feelings by Outward Signs and Deeds
Chapter IV. On Things to be Done Only by the Man, and the Acquisition of the Girl Thereby. Also What is to be Done by a Girl to Gain Over a Man and Subject Him to Her
Chapter V. On the Different Forms of Marriage [omitted]
Part IV: About a Wife
Chapter I. On the Manner of Living of a Virtuous Woman, and of Her Behaviour During the Absence of Her Husband
Chapter II. On the Conduct of the Eldest Wife Towards the Other Wives of her Husband, and of the Younger Wife Towards the Elder Ones... [omitted]
Part V: About the Wives of Other People
Chapter I. On the Characteristics of Men And Women...
Chapter II. About Making Acquaintance with the Woman, and of the Efforts to Gain Her Over
Chapter III. Examination of the State of a Woman's Mind
Chapter IV. The Business of a Go-Between
Chapter V. On the Love of Persons in Authority with the Wives of Other People
Chapter VI. About the Women of the Royal Harem, and of the Keeping of One's Own Wife
Part VI: About Courtesans
Chapter I. Of the Causes of a Courtesan Resorting to Men...
Chapter II. Of a Courtesan Living With a Man as His Wife
Chapter III. Of the Means of getting Money...
Chapter IV. About a Reunion with a Former Lover
Chapter V. Of Different Kinds of Gain
Chapter VI. Of Gains and Losses, Attendant Gains and Losses, and Doubts; and Lastly, the Different Kinds of Courtesans
Part VII: On The Means of Attracting Others to One's Self
Chapter I. On Personal Adornment, Subjugating the Hearts of Others, and of Tonic Medicines
Chapter II. Of The Means of Exciting Desire, and of the Ways of Enlarging the Lingam. Miscellaneous Experiments and Recipes

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