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The Society for Sacred Sexuality is a global home for sacred sex. We offer sacred sex lessons, professional services and training, plus news, advocacy, and resources for the worldwide sacred sex community and the general public. Our mission is to promote sacred sex learning, create a physical environment for sacred sex gathering and practice, and to usher in a global awakening founded on sacred sex wisdom and genuine enlightened experience.

What does a sacred sex society look like? Browse our site and discover ideals that honor ALL of you — heart, mind, body, & soul. Sacred sex sees male & female essence underlying all existence, and brings them into Sacred Union. This consummate union is the foundation for human awakening, which when permanent, is Sexual Enlightenment. Sexual Enlightenment marries flesh to spirit — body & soul — bringing spiritual wholeness to material life.

Join us online in creating this virtual world — a stepping stone to a real-world sacred sex society. Manifest this spiritual & sensual reality through your vision, desires, thoughts, speech, and action.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality is a non-profit organization founded with the intent to be owned and operated by the community it serves. We warmly invite you to give it life and direction.

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