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The Kama Sutra

Chapter V - About the Love of Persons in Authority with the Wives of Other People
[Early cultures had great insight into the relationship between sex & power. They saw the connection between the strong life force (energy & charisma) of their leaders and sexual virility. They therefore evolved social customs to accommodate this natural fact. Thus harems were common for both kings and queens of the day. For some leaders though, this apparently wasn't enough, and like many in power today, they over-stepped the bounds of their position. Also like today, early societies saw the need for people in power to act responsibly. This chapter is an ironic mix of sexual codes of conduct for rulers and advice on how to break them, when necessary. The former is included here, while the latter is omitted as inappropriate and dated.]
KINGS and their ministers have no access to the abodes of others, and moreover their mode of living is constantly watched and observed and imitated by the people at large, just as the animal world, seeing the sun rise, get up after him, and when he sits in the evening, lie down again in the same way. Persons in authority should not therefore do any improper act in public, as such are impossible from their position, and would be deserving of censure. But if they find that such an act is necessary to be done, they should make use of the proper means as described in the following paragraphs.
[Various means are then given, along with the fatal consequences some kings paid when they were caught in the act by their lover's husband. The chapter then describes customs that allowed this practice. They are included here for interest, and to show that there are alternatives to our present culture, which condemns the virility of our leaders, exposing society to repeated sex scandals.]
But according to the customs of some countries there are facilities for kings to make love to the wives of other men. Thus in the country of the Andhras the newly married daughters of the people thereof enter the king's harem with some presents on the tenth day of their marriage, and having been enjoyed by the king are then dismissed. In the country of the Vatsagulmas the wives of the chief ministers approach the king at night to serve him. In the country of the Vaidarbhas the beautiful wives of the inhabitants pass a month in the king's harem under the pretence of affection for the king. In the country of the Aparatakas the people gave their beautiful wives as presents to the ministers and the kings. And lastly in the country of the Saurashtras the women of the city and the country enter the royal harem for the king's pleasure either together or separately.

There are also two verses on the subject as follows:

'The above and other ways are the means employed in different countries by kings with regard to the wives of other persons. But a king, who has the welfare of his people at heart, should not on any account put them into practice.'

'A king, who has conquered the six enemies of mankind [traditionally: Lust, Anger, Avarice, Spiritual Ignorance, Pride, and Envy], becomes the master of the whole earth.'

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