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The Kama Sutra

Part V: About the Wives of Other People

Chapter I - Of the Characteristics of Men and Women. The Reasons Why Women Reject the Addresses of Men. About Men Who Have Success With Women, and About Women Who Are Easily Gained Over
[While Part V pertains to 'Wives of Other People' and is generally omitted for inappropriateness, it makes some points relevant to general male/female relations. Those are presented in this and the following chapters.]

The following are the men who generally obtain success with women:

  • Men well versed in the science of love
  • Men skilled in telling stories
  • Men acquainted with women from their childhood Men
  • who have secured their confidence
  • Men who send presents to them
  • Men who talk well
  • Men who do things that they like
  • Men who have not loved other women previously
  • Men who act as messengers
  • Men who know their weak points
  • Men who are desired by good women
  • Men who are united with their female friends
  • Men who are good looking
  • Men who have been brought up with them
  • Men who are their neighbours
  • Men who are devoted to sexual pleasures, even though these be with their own servants
  • The lovers of the daughters of their nurse
  • Men who have been lately married
  • Men who like picnics and pleasure parties
  • Men who are liberal
  • Men who are celebrated for being very strong (Bull men)
  • Enterprising and brave men
  • Men who surpass their husbands in learning and good looks, in good qualities, and in liberality
  • Men whose dress and manner of living are magnificent

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