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The Society for Sacred Sexuality presents this archive as a visual record of the sacred value of sex. It shows the beauty, pleasure, freedom, and sacred spirit found in sex by people throughout time around the world. It illustrates that sacred sex is neither new, limited to a unique culture, nor the fancy of a few imaginative minds. Rather, it is a natural expression of the near universal urge to integrate mind, body, and spirit. Sacred sex satisfies that urge by transforming sexual union into a spiritual one.

We have also compiled this archive as an historical record of human sexuality, for both scholars and the general public. It stands in contrast to the common conception and portrayal of sex in the world today. That image is all too often repressive, exploitative, or in the best case, dwells only on the physical pleasure of sex. That limited view not only denies contemporary society opportunities to explore the sacred potential of sex, but it also distorts the history that scholars glean from sexual artifacts. Not knowing of or fully comprehending sacred sex, scholars dismiss its historical & cultural expression as signs either of 'primitive sex worship' or pornography of the time, not worthy of study. This archive collects these artifacts together so they may be seen in their broader context, painting a picture of human reverence toward sex and our yearning to reconcile it with our spirituality. Through this archive, we hope general viewers and scholars alike will gain a new, enlightened appreciation of sex, and the history of human attitude toward it.

For our archive, we have chosen works from around the world that we feel best express the beauty, sensuality, eroticism, and sacred nature of sex. They show the many diverse ways in which cultures express and honor this universal human desire. To learn more about the cultures that inspired the various works in this archive, visit the Sacred Sex Tradition Forum in our Learning Center.

Included in the archive is a special God-dess Gallery. This gallery features art and sculpture from cultures that acknowledged and celebrated the sexuality of their deities, both male & female (hence the term, 'god-dess'). Special emphasis is given to Goddess Art, which is most commonly associated with sex and its related values. This art shows how different cultures throughout the ages have honored the Divine Feminine in all its aspects — Universal Mother, Compassionate Caregiver & Healer, Nourisher & Provider of Sustenance, Source of Beauty, Sensual Lover, and more. The veneration of sexual deities clearly shows that nearly all world cultures have at one time or another viewed sex as sacred.

Some of the artwork here is from collections on other websites. Some pieces are also available for sale. In such cases, we acknowledge sources and provide links for those interested in further study, or who wish to purchase sacred sex art for themselves.

Before proceeding, we offer one caveat: Art is, and always has been, highly interpretative. Sexual art in particular is typically appreciated (or not) based on the viewer's own upbringing, experience, and social & religious programming. For example, someone raised in the belief that sex is sinful will view this archive much differently than those who have personally enjoyed sacred sex experience. Views on sexual art say more about the viewer than the art. Indeed, whether sex itself is sacred or sinful has more to do with the participants (or abstainers) than with the sex act. (For an enlightening analogy about this, click here.)

Also know that the galleries in this archive represent cultures with varying degrees of sacred sex knowledge. Some, such as those in our European collection, are from societies with little sacred sex understanding at all. They merely express the appreciation and beauty these cultures found in sex and the human form. Even so, they make this vital point about sex — that it is part of our fundamental human spirit, and that if we are made in the image of the divine, then sex must be part of that divinity and therefore inherently sacred. Art that simply expresses the sensuality and sexuality of life then, still teaches about the sacred nature of sex. We therefore include such works in our archive, and you will see that, even without direct sacred sex knowledge, many artists present a very sacred portrayal of sex.

Another reason for their inclusion is that society cannot explore sacred sex until it first openly accepts conventional sex. Cultures that view any sexual expression as dirty, pornographic, or sinful, and thereby suppress open acceptance and discussion about it, deny the opportunity to realize the full potential of sex and grow through it. For more on this, read the Declaration of Sexual Independence.

In light of the above and as public notice, we issue the following warning:

This art archive contains pictures and photos depicting nudity and explicit sexual acts. Your entrance into this archive certifies that you freely choose to view such art, and are lawfully entitled to do so in your jurisdiction. If you do not wish to view such art, click here.

From behind that seductive veil, the Society for Sacred Sexuality invites you to enjoy the 2,000+ expressions of sacred erotica in our archive.

Make your visit Sacred!

As a final treat, the Society for Sacred Sexuality offers a simple way to experience for yourself how erotic art can be a means to sacred sex bliss. To enjoy this, simply practice sacred sexercise as taught in Lesson 4 in our Learning Center as you view these titillating pics. Your sex energy will get quite a rise.

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