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Society for Sacred Sexuality
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Introducing the
Declaration of Sexual Independence

The Society for Sacred Sexuality was founded July 4, 2004 to bring sexual freedom to the world. True sexual freedom dawns in sexual enlightenment through the practice of sacred sex. To enjoy this however, we must first free ourselves from constraints on sex in general. Only when we enjoy sex freely and openly, without guilt, shame, repression, or censure — whether imposed by society or self — are we free to explore the higher potential of union that sacred sex offers.

To that end, the Society for Sacred Sexuality has written as its founding document the Declaration of Sexual Independence, modelled after America's own Declaration of Independence. Its purpose is to free humanity of repressive values that stunt growth & progress in every area of life, including sexuality.

We offer it to the world in the spirit of Freedom. Read it — it's sure to set off fireworks in your heart.

Complete Introduction

Preamble to the Declaration of Sexual Independence

Declaration of Sexual Independence

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