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This archive contains quotes and excerpts from sacred sex texts and scriptures around the world. We have hand-chosen writings that we feel are most useful, informative, and enlightening to sacred sex practitioners today. We have also edited longer texts to include only sections that are most relevant to modern sacred sex lovers. This lets you enjoy these classics without having to sift through extraneous material. Also, longer works are presented with a chapter index so you can quickly find sections you wish to read. Links to full translations are included, where available, for those interested in studying the complete resource.

Caveat: Texts with a sexual theme are not necessarily 'sacred sex' work just because they come to us from ancient civilization. Some texts, particularly later ones that have lost some of the original purity of their traditions, are blends between 'better sex' guides and spiritual treatises. The well-known kama sutra of India falls into this category. Moreover, some of the values presented in these works, particularly with regard to women, are not what we accept today in the name of gender equality. While these cultures saw sex as sacred, it was often colored by a male dominant worldview. This is in no way the view of the Society for Sacred Sexuality — we hold man & woman as equal partners in all pursuits of life. Despite these shortcomings, such texts nevertheless contain some genuine sacred sex teaching and are therefore included in this archive, though some of the more questionable content may be edited out. Inclusion of these texts should not be taken as full endorsement of all ideas and practices presented therein.

With that perspective, the Society for Sacred Sexuality is pleased to offer its compilation of sacred sex scripture and erotica from around the world.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality wishes to acknowledge and others for various resources included in this archive. To learn more about the sacred sex cultures that inspired the various works presented in this archive, visit the Sacred Sex Tradition Forum in our Learning Center.

Our archive collection is continually growing — if you know of a sacred sex verse or volume not included here, please 

Follow the links below to the various texts:

Sacred Sex Text Archive

Collection of quotes from various sources
(excellent overview of sacred sex in different cultures)

Collection of quotes from various Tantric scriptures
(India & Tibet)

Hieros Gamos Ritual

The Kama Sutra

The Ananga Ranga

The Perfumed Garden

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
(guide to Tantric meditation, including during sex — India)

Lalita Sahasranama —
Thousand Names of the Goddess


Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Coming Soon
Teachings of the Yellow Emperor

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