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Lalita Sahasranama —
Thousand Names Of The Goddess

The Lalita Sahasranama, or 1000 Names of the Goddess, is a Vedic Indian text celebrating the many qualities of the divine feminine. In Vedic India, divine qualities are personified in the deities themselves, to the extent that these traits are even embedded in their names. Thus the diety embodies the very essence of the quality by being that. In this way, Lalita Sahasranama also offers a way for us to embody these qualities as well. In uniting with our divine nature during Sacred Union, we come to embody the divine essence too.

Note: this archive is a partial list of the 1000 names. We have included those that most relate to the subject matter of this website.

This text is in the public domain.

Lalita Sahasranama

1. She Who Is The Auspicious Mother

13. She Whose Hair Has Been Adorned With Flowers...

15. She Whose Forehead Shines Like The Crescent Moon...

17. She Whose Eyebrows Shine Like The Archways Leading To The House Of Kama, The God Of Love...

18. She Whose Eyes Possess The Luster Of The Fish That Move About In The Stream Of Beauty Flowing From Her Face

19. She Who Is Resplendent With A Nose That Has The Beauty Of A Newly Blossoming Campaka Flower

22. She Who Wears The Sun And The Moon As A Pair Of Large Earrings

23. She Whose Cheeks Excel Mirrors Made Of Rubies In Their Beauty

24. She Whose Lips Excel Freshly Cut Coral And Bimba Fruit In Their Reflective Splendor

25. She Who Has Radiant Teeth Which Resemble The Buds Of Pure Knowledge

28. She Who Submerges Even The Mind Of Kamesha (Lord Shiva) In The Radiance Of Her Smile

29. She Whose Chin Is Beyond Compare In Beauty

31. She Whose Arms Are Beautifully Adorned With Golden Armlets

32. She Whose Neck Is Resplendent With A Gem-Studded Necklace With A Locket Made Of Pearl

33. She Who Gives Her Breasts To Kameshvara In Return For The Gem Of Love He Bestows On Her

34. She Whose Breasts Are The Fruits On The Creeper Of The Fine Hairline That Starts In The Depths Of Her Navel And Spreads Upwards

35. She Who Has A Waist, The Existence Of Which Can Only Be Inferred By The Fact That The Creeper Of Her Hairline Springs From It

36. She Whose Abdomen Has Three Folds Which Form A Belt To Support Her Waist From Breaking Under The Weight Of Her Breasts

37. She Whose Hips Are Adorned With A Garment As Red As The Rising Sun, Which Is Dyed With An Extract From Safflower (Kusumbha) Blossoms

38. She Who Is Adorned With A Girdle Which Is Decorated With Many Gem-Studded Bells

39. The Beauty And Softness Of Whose Thighs Are Known Only To Kamesha, Her Husband

40. She Whose Knees Are Like Crowns Shaped From The Precious Red Jewel, Manikya (A Kind Of Ruby)

41. She Whose Calves Gleam Like The Jewel-Covered Quiver Of The God Of Love

42. She Whose Ankles Are Hidden

43. She Whose Feet Have Arches That Rival The Back Of A Tortoise In Smoothness And Beauty

44. She Whose Toenails Give Out Such A Radiance That All The Darkness Of Ignorance Is Dispelled Completely From Those Devotees Who Prostrate At Her Feet

45. She Whose Feet Defeat Lotus Flowers In Radiance

48. She Who Is The Treasure House Of Beauty

50. She Whose Body Is Worthy Of Worship

52. She Who Sits In The Lap Of Shiva, Who Is The Conqueror Of Desire

62. She Whose Eyes Awaken Desire

142. She Who Is Without Desire

236. She Who Embodies The Sixty-Four Arts (see Kama Sutra)

256. She Who Is Of The Form Of The Universe

311. She Who Is To Be Enjoyed; She Who Enjoys

319. She Who Gives Delight

321. She Who Is To Be Desired

322. She Who Is In The Form Of Kamakala [essence of desire]

329. She Who Is Beautiful

340. She Who Is Playful

375. She Who Is Worshipped By Desire

376. She Who Is Filled With The Essence Of Love

454. She Who Is In The Form Of Love In Women

459. She Who Has A Beautiful Face

460. She Whose Body Is Soft And Beautiful Like Lotus Petals

550. She Who Is The Mother Of The Universe

612. She Who Is The Mistress Of All The Kalas

637. She Who Contains The Whole Universe In Her Womb

724. She Who Is The Goddess Of All Tantras

730. She Who Is Pure Love

736. She Who Grants Liberation

795. She Who Fulfills All Desires

796. She Who Is Of The Form Of Desire

861. She Who Is Half The Body Of Her Husband

863. She Who Is Overflowing With Pleasure In The Union With Kameshvara

866. She Who Has No Birth

868. She Who Is Captivating In Her Beauty

895. She Who Is The Womb Of All

999. She Who Is The Union Of Shiva And Shakti Into One Form

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