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The Ananga Ranga

The Ananga Ranga was written by the Indian poet Kalyan Mall in the 16th century. Like the Kama Sutra, it is best described as a 'better sex' manual with a spiritual influence. It combines advice on sexual positions and methods of pleasuring, knowledge of the different types (temperaments) of men & women and their sex organs, mixed together with verses about spiritual life.

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The Ananga Ranga


Chapter I  [Four types of women and their characteristics]

Chapter II: Of The Various Seats Of Passion In Women

Chapter III: Of the Different Kinds of Men & Women

Chapter IV: Description of the General Qualities, Characteristics, Temperaments, etc., of Women

Chapter V: Characteristics Of The Women Of Various Lands [omitted]

Chapter VI: Treating Of Vashikarana [omitted]

Chapter VII: Of Different Signs In Men And Women

Chapter VIII: Treating of External Enjoyments

Chapter IX: Treating of Internal Enjoyments in its Various Forms

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