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Sacred Sex Shrine

The Society for Sacred Sexuality aspires for a grand shrine to serve as a symbol for sacred sex worldwide. Like other famed cultural icons - the Pyramids, Taj Mahal, Chinese Imperial Palace, Temple of the Golden Buddha, Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, Vatican City, Kabaa at Mecca, Roman Forum, Acropolis, Temple of Ephesus, Machu Picchu, and more - the Sacred Sex Shrine will stand for millennia to come attesting to the glory of sacred sex. The idea for the Shrine continues a tradition seen in structures like the Temples at Khajuraho in India.

The Shrine will be open continuously - 24 hrs/day, year-round - for sacred sex practice by the global community. It will also serve as the primary gathering place for sacred sex rituals throughout the year.

In addition to the Shrine, the Society for Sacred Sexuality seeks to build premiere resort/teaching facilities in Hawaii, Southern California, South Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific, and other prime locales. These facilities will double as training centers for sacred sex teachers (many of whom will live and teach on-site) and resort/learning centers for the general public. They will offer genuine sacred sex instruction in a pleasure-filled, sensuous setting. The 5-star resorts will also serve as romantic get-aways, healing spas, gathering places, ritual venues, art exhibits, and more, all devoted to sacred sex.

Finally, the Society for Sacred Sexuality seeks to open Sacred Sex Centers in major population areas worldwide. These local centers will teach sacred sex to the public at large.

The slide-show below gives a taste of the lifestyle, images, colors, textures, and sensual atmosphere envisioned for the shrine and centers.

If you are an investor, land developer, architectural designer, builder, resort administrator, sacred sex teacher, or other person with interest, visit our
Sacred Sex Shrine Project Forum or email SSS Founder Gary Joseph. If you know someone who may be interested, please refer them to us or introduce them to our site. We also welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions in the Project Forum.

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