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The Society for Sacred Sexuality website was conceived and designed by SSS Founder Gary Joseph. Our homepage is based on the Sacred Lovers picture shown above, created by Chaela Sumner of WebGoddess Design. The photo models are Partner Playshop instructors Kamala Devi and Michael McClure.

Our Learning Center, which is set up as an open forum allowing you to ask questions, post messages, read posts by other users, and interact with other SSS members, is powered by phpbb bulletin board. The SSS forum style was created by Gary Joseph.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality wishes to thank SSS member Sita for her design contributions to various parts of the site.

The SSS website is best viewed with a high-speed internet connection, using the latest version of popular browsers. It has been tested with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, and Opera. Website functionality is best with Internet Explorer; some minor features may not work in other browsers.

Please note that our site is designed for viewing on a full-size monitor to take advantage of the beautiful graphics. Display may be compromised on mobile devices. While we work to create scalable solutions for small screens, we invite you to immerse yourself in the full-screen experience. If you are a web designer with ideas or proposals to upgrade our site, please contact our Webmaster.

Several pages on the site introduce features to first-time visitors. Our site is designed to skip over these pages on subsequent visits, since return users needn't view this introductory material again. This lets you navigate more quickly through the site, improving your online experience. If you wish to review an introductory page that you saw on an earlier visit, either clear the 'cookies' from your browser (typically via the Tools or Settings menu), or use one of the special links below:

~ About our Learning Center/Forum ~
~ About our Sacred Sex Lessons ~
~ About our Sacred Sex Project Forum ~
~ About our Sacred Sex Society Forums ~

We invite your comments, suggestions, and feedback about our site.

Please notify our Webmaster about any website errors or other issues.

Thank you for visiting the Society for Sacred Sexuality.

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