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Grow Your
Sacred Sex Practice With Us

The Society for Sacred Sexuality offers teachers & other professionals numerous resources to expand their knowledge, experience, and professional practice. Our aim is to be a gathering place for sacred sex teachers of all disciplines to learn, share, and exchange expertise & services. Think of us as a mother to sacred sex practice throughout the world.

The SSS follows the sacred sex principle of unity in diversity, meaning we honor all teachings & traditions in the common spirit of promoting sacred sex. Teach sacred sex your own way and enjoy the support of a unified global family of practitioners.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality also operates on the sacred sex ideal of highest first. We offer comprehensive knowledge of sexual enlightenment and its application to all areas of life. This deepens, strengthens, and guides any sacred sex practice, and is the perfect complement to your own. Are you a sacred sex worker who teaches experientially, relying less on knowledge? Does instructional teaching interfere with the sensual flow of your sessions? Refer clients here so you can focus on what you do best: giving sacred sex experience.

Knowledge of sexual enlightenment unifies all sacred sex practice by elucidating the common goal of our various teachings. It gives sacred sex a deep & stable foundation to build on, and is a fertile ground in which to grow. With this knowledge, you can present your sensuous sacred sex as the greatest spiritual gift the world has ever known.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality offers:
(these private services are available to registered users only)

Certified Training – for those seeking to deepen their teaching practice.

Private Coaching to meet any need or desire – we can show you experiential ways to teach sexual enlightenment that fit your teaching style.

Teacher's Only Discussion Forum – learn from and share ideas,
teaching methods, & experiences with other practitioners.

Teacher Travel Exchange – coordinate living arrangements for your teaching tours, or host a teacher in your home area.

Client Referral Exchange – expand your client base!
Exchange referrals with non-local teachers who have contacts in your area.

Our goal is to grow our virtual community into a worldwide physical one, where sacred sex practitioners can live together, where sacred sex temples offer communal centers for practice, and where Mother Earth Herself becomes the BodyTemple of worship for a global family of sacred sex lovers.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality invites you to come together with us. Come home to Mother. Come back to Yoni — your Source, your Origin, your Womb.

Come home to the Goddess.
Join the Society for Sacred Sexuality
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