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The Perfumed Garden

Chapter 18 - Of Things that Take Away the Bad Smell from the Armpit and Sexual Parts of Women and Contract the Latter
Know, O Vizir (God be good to you!), that bad exhalations from the vulva and from the armpits are, as is also a wide vagina, the greatest of evils.

If a woman wants this bad odour to disappear she must pound red myrrh, then sift it, and knead this powder with myrtle-water, and rub her sexual parts with this wash. All disagreeable emanation will disappear from her vulva.

Another remedy is obtained by pounding lavender, and kneading it afterwards with musk-rose water. Saturate a piece of woolen stuff with it, and rub the vulva with the same until it is hot. The bad smell will be removed by this.

If a woman intends to contract her vagina, she has only to dissolve alum in water, and wash her sexual parts with the solution, which may be made still more efficacious by the addition of a little bark of the walnut tree, the latter substance being very astringent.

[SSS Note: Alum is a water-soluble salt crystal with astringent properties. The term may have referred to a somewhat different substance in earlier centuries. Note some forms of modern alum contain aluminum, which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin. Use caution and investigate if considering such methods.

The active property in this use is astringency. Similar results can likely be found using known safe herbs with astringent qualities. Oriental and Ayurvedic plant sciences classify herbs by such qualities.]

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