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Sacred Sex Economics

The Society for Sacred Sexuality has evolved a true free market economic system based on sacred sex principles. 'Value Economics' solves virtually all economic and social ills by monetizing the inherent values of health, education, social welfare, the environment, international relations, and more, to create free market incentives for those very values we hold dear. This allows private markets to meet these needs with little or no government intervention, regulation, or control. It also allows investment capital to flow toward areas typically considered in the 'public domain', meeting these needs with minimal (or no) taxes, while allowing citizens to profit from investing in the nation.

We seek to implement this true free market economy as soon as possible to resolve our current economic and social crisis. Below are links relating to this initiative.

Value Economics – general explanation of the system;

Sacred Sex Economics – explanation of the system, including reference to sacred sex principles;

Sacred Sex Principles underlying the economic system (and other social applications of sacred sex that together create a utopian society).

The Society for Sacred Sexuality is seeking writers and economists to complete the presentation of Value Economics for public release. If you have interest in working on this project, please contact us.