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Dear Friend,

Thank you for considering Sacred Sex Lessons from the Society for Sacred Sexuality. Since you are reading this page, you are likely asking yourself one or both of the following questions:

  • Why should I bother learning sacred sex?
  • Why should I learn from the Society for Sacred Sexuality?
To answer these, I'd like to share my personal story.

For most people in society today, the term 'sacred sex' is an oxymoron — a contradiction in terms. They see nothing sacred in sex, and nothing sexual in spirit. Most also view themselves as one or the other — either sexual or spiritual. And like fire and water, they don't mix. As you can imagine, this makes sacred sex a hard sell.

But this apparent contradiction in sacred sex is the very source of its strength. For in the marriage of these two opposites is the perfect union of mankind's two most passionate desires. Our yearning for personal salvation is matched, it seems, only by our longing for the ultimate orgasm. Sacred sex, if it could indeed bridge this gap, would surely be the perfect marriage. Our sensual desires would lead to the highest human ideal. We would have not only a passionate zeal for spirit, but also a sacred reverence for sex. If only people could see that it is so.

The fear and/or skepticism such people have of sacred sex is understandable. Spiritual souls worry that it's too sexual, and will debase their sanctity. Sexual enthusiasts are leery that it's too spiritual, and will strip all the passion & pleasure from sex. Indeed, some flawed forms of sacred sex fall into one of these categories, giving it a bad name. But true sacred sex is neither of these; rather it is a perfect marriage - Sacred Union - of both.

Here is the story of how I came to know this:

There was a time in my life when I too believed that sex was separate from spirit. I didn't consciously think that way, but early events in my life led me to choose between them. Looking back, I see it was a vain sacrifice — I could have had both. But unconsciously, I believed the same lie as everyone else — that sex & spirit conflict.

While still in my teens, I was fortunate enough to come across a spiritual path that suited & satisfied me. It was an Eastern meditative practice, and in that respect, it differed from Western religion in that it was based on experience, not faith or belief. While this side-stepped the moral stigma that Western religion places on sex, there was nevertheless the common perception that sex inhibited meditative experience and growth. Sharing this misconception, I chose spirit over sex.

And so, while my friends were starting families & careers, and presumably, enjoying a healthy sex life in the prime of youth, I began in early adulthood what would be 10 celibate years seeking realization within. Ironically, my naively innocent worldview remained intact until halfway through that time, when I received the awakening I was looking for.

One of the corollaries of the sex-spirit rift is that the two are at war, and that if you persevere in your spiritual battle, sex will ultimately be vanquished.

Lord, they sure got that wrong.

My spiritual awakening brought many things. Most of them were expected — inner bliss & joy, boundless energy, harmony with creation, and awareness of my higher, Universal Self. Some were pleasant surprises. I discovered an intelligent order to creation that I was a part of. More than that, I found that the universe arranged events to assist me in playing my role in the grand scheme of things. But there was one thing that flat out shocked me. In a word, it was sex.

I'll be the first to admit that initially, I thought something was wrong. My sexual desire and energy increased, not decreased or disappeared. In truth, that's an understatement — it skyrocketed. My first reaction was that this was the 'final battle'; you know, the Dark Night of the Soul, the last temptation before Supreme Salvation.

Then the most curious thing happened. Not only did I discover that my sexuality in no way diminished my spiritual experiences, but even that they were part of the cosmic drama playing around me. The universe encouraged and supported my sexual desires as much as any others. Rather than 'winning the battle' with sex, I learned that there is no conflict at all — sex & spirit get along just fine, thank you. Sexuality is as much a part of our natural spiritual heritage as anything else.

Looking back again, it's easy to understand what happened, and why we wrongly see a sex-spirit conflict in the first place.

When awakening dawns, your spiritual energy opens up. In the East, this energy is known as Kundalini (India) or Chi (Orient). Western religion would call it the Power of God. Others call it vital energy, or simply, life energy. It is the universal energy science looks for in its unified field theories. It is the basic energy of creation. It animates your life even now, but when you awaken, it's as though you plug in to it fully. It courses through you.

What any scientist will tell you is that all energy is universal energy in some form. It is the one and only energy of creation. Sex energy, and all others, are merely various frequencies & forms of it. That is why, when your universal life energy surges, your sexual energy may very well swell with it. Your sexuality is part of your overall awakening, and the universe nurtures it.

In contrast, before awakening, your life energy is a relative trickle. Everything seems to be a struggle. If you're on a spiritual path, you may think that your sexual energy is an obstacle in that struggle. The phony sex-spirit war begins.

Sex energy is not the only thing linked to spirit that opens with awakening. There is also desire. Desire is intimately tied to energy — it is the inspiration for it and the intelligence that guides it.

This is easy to see in personal life. It is your desire for sex, or anything, that motivates and guides your activities and efforts toward it. The same idea applies to universal life. Cosmic Desire guides all life in the universe. Science calls this natural law - the guiding force of evolution - though science doesn't yet recognize it as desire. A more spiritual name for it is Cosmic Will. Western religion would call it the Will of God. In India it is Shakti, ancient Egypt knew it as Ma'at, and throughout the Orient it is the Tao.

Like sex energy, sexual desire (and all desire) is a form of Cosmic Desire. That is why, when you awaken and come into harmony with Cosmic Desire, sexual desire and others don't stop, they just align with nature's evolutionary plan. Sexual desires become sacred sex desires. The universe supports them and they are part of your spiritual growth.

It is no coincidence that sex energy and desire open simultaneously with awakening. Energy drives desire — cosmic energy fuels universal evolution. The Power of God enacts the Will of God. That is why a surge of life energy accompanies harmony with the Cosmic Plan. Some spiritual traditions are deeply aware of this connection. In India, both Cosmic Desire & Energy are embodied in Shakti. In the Orient, Chi (also called Qi) is intimately linked to the Tao. In the West, the two reside in natural law — nature displays both energy and evolutionary order. Sacred sex knows them both simply as the Goddess, much like the Goddess Shakti of India, and the idea of 'Mother Nature' in the West.

Throughout this website, you'll see that sex energy and spiritual energy are taught as one and the same. Likewise, personal desire is part and parcel of universal desire.

What does all this mean for your sacred sex lessons?

It means several things, all of which stem from the truth that sacred sex is NOT an oxymoron. Sex & spirit mix naturally, and when they do, like fire and water, they make steam — passionate heat that rises up to spiritual realms. It means you'll learn a spiritual sex that is a perfect marriage of the two — a Sacred Union.

Specifically, it means:

  • You won't find teachings like, 'have sex without desire' or 'control your passion during sex', or the worst, 'have sex, but don't orgasm'. In short, I don't strip the desire and energy (and pleasure) from sex.

  • At the same time, I don't teach pseudo-sacred sex — the same old sex 'sanctified' by the idea or belief that it's sacred. The sacred in sex is not a mood, it's a concrete experience.

  • Most important, you'll learn from someone who has this experience, not someone who's read it in a book or heard it from someone else, and who simply parrots what they've learned. So your sacred sex will be clearly explained, and if you still have questions, you'll get genuine answers.

  • Learning from a teacher with spiritual experience (as opposed to one experienced only in technique) means you won't be fed endless techniques and told to repeat them 1,000 times, like a machine. Techniques are meant to lead to an experience — I guide you to that, rather than hammer in the technique itself. True spiritual experience is beyond technique.
In short, my experience explains why I teach an uninhibited style of sacred sex not caught up in technique — you get a simple method that leads you to experience. It explains why you will find free lessons on this website teaching: You can also learn all about the Divine Feminine (the Goddess) and read a full explanation of Sacred Desire, and how it's used in sacred sex.

Of course, these are only the principles behind the practice. The actual sacred sex lessons are simple, practical, sexy, & fun.

Where will this sacred sex lead you?

It will lead you the same place it led me. It will lead you to accept your life energy and desires as sacred, so that you follow them and come into harmony with your Inner Self and creation. It leads you home to your true nature, resulting in rapid evolutionary growth. Ultimately, it leads to Sexual Enlightenment.

Sexual Enlightenment is your true sacred sex nature. And that is how my story ends — naturally:

I followed my desires to learn more about the sexual and spiritual experiences I was having. That study brought me to sacred sex. I learned that I was not alone in these experiences, that there is a rich tradition of art, scripture, and culture that attests to the reality of this experience. I also realized its great significance in transforming society into a global utopia. I want to contribute to that teaching.

My sexual energy has since returned to a more 'earthly' level. As with any renewal of spirit, life energy first gushes in euphoria, then settles into a quiet rapture. Sexual Enlightenment continues in natural quiet ecstasy like ever-present orgasm.

On behalf of the Society for Sacred Sexuality, I invite you to learn sacred sex and enjoy Sexual Enlightenment yourself.

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