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"Sacred Sex gives us the power to create paradise, and the passion to want to. Life as we know it will never change through small 'improvements' here & there. An entirely new vision is needed, one that honors ALL of life — heart, mind, body, soul, and the sensory world. Sacred sex wisdom lays the foundation for a truly holistic & enlightened society. Sacred sex practice makes it a vital, lush, and sensuous reality.

We have the wisdom, we have the practice — we have only to play our part in this Global Awakening being orchestrated by Universal Nature. Don't stand on the sidelines while the life you want passes you by. You ARE that Nature — your natural desire evolves life. Use your personal power, take action, and create the life and the world you want.

Do it now."
— Gary Joseph
Founder, Society for Sacred Sexuality

Dear Friend,

Is your world everything you want it to be? Are the values that guide life and society today YOUR values? Do you live in true Spiritual & Sexual Freedom?

If you answered anything but a passionate 'yes' to all of the above, I invite you to do something about it. I invite you to create a sacred sex society.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality is doing exactly that. From the experiences of Sacred Union and Sexual Enlightenment to our vision of Sacred Sex Society and the wisdom to guide every area of life, we are using sacred sex power to conceive and birth a world we are truly passionate about. And it all starts with our simple, personal, and very sensual Sacred Sex Lessons.

If you haven't already, I invite you to browse our website and Learning Center, and see for yourself what life can be.

If you support our vision, I invite you to act — be part of a sacred sex society by building it. Your contributions fund various sacred sex Projects & Activities to make this vision a reality. Of course, I also invite you to participate in these projects.

Sacred sex society is not the doing of any person or group. Mother Nature Herself is guiding its creation & evolution, and bringing it to fruition. Her Supreme Gift to you is the opportunity to join in and ride the wave.

It is a rising Sexual Wave that is sweeping the globe — get onboard today.

In Sacred Union,
Gary Joseph

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