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What's SEX got to do with it?!!

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Utopia    Posted: June 30, 2004 Reply with quote

What in the world does sex have to do with creating a utopian society?

As it turns out, everything.

And if you think it's about some hippie-type fantasy of 'peace, love, & understanding', think again. Sacred sex is grounded in universal principles that profoundly and practically impact all societal life.

This lesson identifies and explains those principles. Other lessons in the Sacred Sex Society Forum apply these principles to various spheres of society.

All of the life principles listed below are natural. You will recognize many as general scientific principles, independent of sacred sex. Sacred sex follows these universal life principles. But more than that, sexual concepts best explain them; therefore they are first and foremost sacred sex principles.

If this strikes you as odd, or even presumptuous, it's because you forget that we live in a sexual creation. Not only is all life in creation sexual, but also physical creation itself is born of sexual principles -- the union of male & female archetypal traits. The very mechanics of creation - and everything born of that - are sexual. To gain a deeper understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of this, read the Origin of Sacred Sex.

When you see that the universe owes its existence to sexual principles, you see why sexuality permeates all the natural laws that guide life within it. And they are sacred sex principles because they uphold the sanctity of life and creation.

The life principles listed below are self-evident. They are seen in the real world, either clearly obvious or with a little thought. They are not based on fanciful ideals or subjective beliefs.

We see them in the world because of one of those very principles -- Outer reflects Inner. The abstract laws that act unseen on the subtle, inner realms of life show themselves in the physical world around us. Gravity is but one of many examples -- an apple falling on Newton's head woke him up to the principle of gravity that impacts all matter in creation. A lightbulb proves the principle of electrical energy. (For more on how the outer world mirrors the inner, see Sacred Spirit, Sacred World.)

The observable truth of these principles shows that they are not simply sacred sex ideas. They are not rules or codes that sacred sex values, that may conflict with other values. Nor are they artificially imposed on life by those who follow them. Rather, they are universal life principles that apply to everyone, naturally. They nurture, support, and enrich all life from within.

Consciously knowing these life principles lets us take advantage of them to better ourselves and society. Just as understanding the principles of gravity and electricity allows amazing feats like space exploration and powering nations, so do the following sacred sex principles help us solve the problems and meet the challenges society faces today.

Take a look and see for yourself.


Below is a list of sacred sex principles that apply to all life. Each is explained and examples are given showing its expression in creation. Included is the sexual concept behind it. Last, we list basic ways the principle applies to and improves specific areas of society. For more on these applications, follow the link to the relevant topic.

The first principle was mentioned above:

Idea Outer reflects Inner

This principle can also be called 'Macrocosm mirrors Microcosm'. It expresses the truth that life is built up in layers -- particles, atoms, molecules, and visible matter. What we see on the surface mirrors what hidden within. One of the most elegant examples of this is the similarity between planets orbiting a sun and electrons orbiting a nucleus. Another is the way that your bloodstream resembles a waterway system on earth. A social example is how man-made road systems, complete with distinct lanes for bi-directional traffic, and tributary roads that feed into major 'arteries', resemble your bloodstream. Another might be the way an enclosed village resembles a cell, complete with control center and support functions within, and even gateways in & out for transport of supplies and waste.

This principle is true because all the laws of nature are part of a continuum. Laws at the subtle level of creation relate to those on the visible surface.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

The built-up, visible world is the 'offspring' of the more basic levels of life. When creation evolved from the Big Bang, atomic matter formed, then molecular matter, and finally visible matter. Again, basic life forms evolved out of organic matter, and complex life forms evolved from that. Each level is an offspring of the former, carrying on its traits. Furthermore, the evolutionary build-up of matter and life typically occurs through the joining - 'sex' - of more basic levels. Atomic particles come together to make atoms. Hydrogen and oxygen atoms join to create water molecules, which then combine to make water. All of creation is one sexual union after another.

How it applies to life and society:

In the field of health, it suggests that physical conditions of disease are expressions of underlying imbalances deep within, beyond even the cellular level that we commonly diagnose. The physical world is ultimately built up from energy in creation; thus life energy - its free flow and blockages - must be included in our understanding of health. Many holistic health traditions do account for it; western medicine will benefit too. For more, see Total Health.

In social arenas like public administration (law & order, government), Outer reflects Inner teaches that orderly society begins with orderly individuals. If we satisfy personal life, we fulfill societal life. It reveals a fundamental truth of economy too: the money we exchange in our outer dealings reflects our inner values. For a truly prosperous economy, it must accurately reflect those.

Outer reflects Inner also tells us that we can look to nature for ideal systems of organization. Government and economics, among others, are the inner workings of society. These relate to the outer workings of nature. The same laws that govern life in creation apply to societal life, including our economic needs. Nature is a model of perfect administration, running the vast universe economically and orderly. We can apply those laws to administer society. For details, see Sacred Sex Government and Economics.

Here is a poetic analogy showing correspondence between the physical body and the collective body of society. It demonstrates that there are basic components to life, each with their own function, that contribute to the whole:

Health & Happiness are the feet on which the body of society stands.
Parenting & Education are the pivotal ankles upon which it builds.
Business & Economy are the calves on which it runs.
Custom & Tradition are the knees that support it.
Culture & Values are the thighs that uphold it.
Sacred Sex is the organ that harmonizes flesh & spirit.
Nature - the land in which we live - is the stomach that feeds it.
Harmony is the heart that holds us together and is our life-blood.
Energy & Vitality are the lungs by which it breathes.
Work & Profession are the arms by which it produces.
Giving & Receiving are the hands through which we exchange.
Avenues of Creative Genius are the fingers with which we reach out and explore.
History is the broad back on which we build.
Honesty & Integrity are the shoulders on which we rise above.
Firmness is the neck with which we persevere.
Inspiration is the voice by which we're heard.
Foresight & Vision are the eyes through which we look ahead.
Government is the mind that leads us.

The message is, treat the collective body as sacred, just as you do your physical body. Your desire for personal well-being naturally extends to collective well-being.

Idea Unity in Diversity

This principle reminds us that we live in a literal 'uni-verse' -- a unified diversity. It is another way of saying that there is wholeness to all the parts of life.

All too often in our vastly diverse world, we forget the interrelation of things. We forget that what we eat affects our health, that job satisfaction affects self-identity and esteem, that our work and the way we do business impacts our broad economy, that what we produce and consume (and how we dispose of the waste) affects our environment, that how we raise & educate our children - or fail to do so - affects our social health, and that our personal values and acceptance of others, or lack thereof, directly impacts social harmony, international relations, and prospects for world peace.

This principle reminds us that every part is connected to the whole, and that we must deal with issues holistically, not in isolation, in order to truly improve our quality of life.

This principle is true because creation is born of unified diversity. According to physics, creation evolves from 'singularity' -- perfect unity. But within that singularity are all the principles of natural law that structure our diverse creation. This echoes the religious conception of God and creation -- 'from the One comes the many'.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

Sex is the perfect expression of unified diversity. It is about separate lives - even archetypal opposites of male & female - coming together as one. Sex is both at once -- it is male & female (diversity) at the same time that it is union. It teaches us to honor not just all parts of life, but also the wholeness that is common to them. We should continue to enjoy our diverse pursuits, but not lose sight of the common welfare. We must celebrate our diversity while honoring our unity as a people on this planet.

How it applies to life and society:

Unity in Diversity applies to virtually every area of life. It presents a model for balance & harmony between diverse values. It also suggests that there is common ground on all divisive issues.

Two related principles help explain how we find this common ground:

Truth is Universal - Conflicting values arise when we get caught up in surface divisions and fail to see the underlying unity. When we see the underlying unity, we apply that to bring universal solutions to problems. We may be of different races, but we are all of the human race. We may be of different religions, but we are all children of God-dess. We may be of different nations, but we are of one global family.

Universal Truth teaches us to look for solutions outside the box that holds the conflict. Wherever we see conflict, look beyond that to what unifies us. Truth lies in common ground. If there is conflict, both sides miss the truth. Real truth is universal -- it satisfies everyone and resolves all conflict.

Sex is the perfect example. On the level of gender, men & women are diverse and may conflict. But love and sex bring them together in a way that transcends gender. Love & sex make each gender complete.

Creation is a Hierarchy - Different laws of nature guide life at different levels. On the surface of life, electricity and magnetism are separate forces that behave differently. Deep down though, they combine as electro-magnetism, operating according to a single set of laws. Deeper still, they combine with atomic energy as the electro-weak force. Even deeper, these combine with gravity in a super-unification that governs virtually all activity in creation. Thus nature teaches us how to maintain unity in diversity: create hierarchical systems that operate at different levels of life.

Again, sex is the example. Man and woman are diverse on one level, but they come together on a deeper level through love and sex.

In health, Unity in Diversity teaches that we must learn to treat the whole body, not just isolated parts. Illness is not confined to a particular symptomatic area, but rather indicates disharmony in the system as a whole. We must look higher up in the hierarchy to find the root cause.

For education, it means that we cannot culture our children simply by pouring facts about every diverse field into their minds. Each child is unique, with his or her own desires & aptitudes, and must be educated to develop that unique potential. Only then will each contribute that unique potential to society in adulthood.

Unity in Diversity means moving beyond partisan politics to government that satisfies all the people through universal principles.

For economics, it means a free market system that prospers and holistically regulates itself, rather than one in which some elements benefit at the expense of others. This holistic management balances the economic forces of cooperation and competition, satisfying the aim of both. The resulting sustainable abundance extends to the environment.

Last, Unity in Diversity means world peace that promotes the welfare of every culture and nation. It celebrates diverse society in the context of our common humanity.

Unity in Diversity is most striking in the field of opposites. It is here that conflict seems most irreconcilable. But a close examination shows the truth of Unity in Diversity -- duality is an illusion. Opposites are simply opposite extremes of a unified spectrum. (For a full explanation of this, see Myth of Evil.) Rather than conflicting with each other, they gloriously express the full range of life. Diversity is to be celebrated, not fought over.

Unity in Diversity relates to another life principle:

Idea All Creation is Interconnected

This follows Einstein's idea that everything is relative; everything is related to everything else. We live in a closed universe. Nothing is ever gained or lost -- it only changes form. Einstein's E=mc2 elegantly shows that energy is just matter in different form. We see this principle at work every day in life. Ice changes to water, which changes to steam. Wood burns to ash. Sunlight changes heat when it hits our skin. And though we don't see the mechanics themselves, we see the effects of light, water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and more transforming into plant matter. Not to mention how food, water, oxygen, and more transform into us.

Interconnection exists because of creation's underlying unity. We are all part of one whole, so everything is connected to everything else. Nothing can be taken out of context. Every small act impacts the greater whole.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

Sex perfectly expresses the mechanics of interrelation -- two come together and create something of a different form. Not only is a new form created in the child, but also the man & woman change form -- they are now parents. Sex is all about exchange of energy and change of form. It is the essence of interrelationship.

How it applies to life and society:

The principles of connective interaction and relative form give us the power of transformation. They teach that we can convert things into something else. If there is something we don't, we simply have to change it to what we want.

Human Relations: If there is hate, transform it into love. Hate is nothing but frustrated love anyway. It is love that has changed form. Change it back. Likewise, enmity is broken friendship. Rather than fighting what we hate, resolve what has blocked the natural love we share for each other.

Health is the harmonious interrelation of parts. If disharmony has crept in, restore harmony. Treat the patient, not the disease.

Our environment faces several issues that can be addressed by the strategy of transforming unwanted elements into desirable ones. If there is too much CO2 (carbon dioxide), find ways to convert it to C & O2 (carbon & oxygen). Convert pollutants into their pure elementals; convert waste into energy.

The related law of conservation of energy tells us there is no such thing as an energy shortage. Energy can never be lost; it is only in some other form. Find forms that are abundant, or even overabundant, and convert them to usable energy.

Likewise, there is no such thing as poverty and food shortage. There is only poor distribution of wealth and food. Develop better systems of distribution, or find wealth and food value in untapped sources. Every human being not living his or her full potential is an untapped source of wealth. Unsustainable farming practices diminish harvest potential, representing untapped food supplies. We need to invest in both of these to transform poverty and hunger into wealth and abundance.

Idea Freedom & Order Co-exist

Creation follows a clear order. Laws of nature govern how energy and matter behave and interact, in ways we can calculate, observe, and verify. Gravity acts in specific quantifiable ways. Atomic particles come together in precise arrangements to form the different chemical elements. Light travels at a set speed. Electricity and magnetism act according to exact formulas. Cells behave in certain ways, and life evolves in certain ways. All these point to a grand order in creation.

At the same time, there is no dictatorial ruler controlling creation against its will. No one forces nature to behave as it does. There is no repressive government lording over the universe. Rather, everything in nature plays out its natural role ceaselessly, and has done so for eons. Everything follows its own nature, yet everything is perfectly free.

This observable truth reveals that order in society comes not through restriction and control, but rather by allowing everything to follow its own nature. Just as by allowing the sun to be the sun, and rain to be rain, and earth to be earth, nature gracefully regulates the seasons, so do we regulate society by allowing people to be people. In this way, society, like nature, naturally evolves.

This principle is true because nature is built in to everything. Atoms, cells, planets, animals, and people act as they do because the nature of each is built in. We cannot help but act human -- it's human nature. To evolve naturally, we must set human nature free. Restrictive and repressive control only stifles natural human potential.

Nature is driven by desire. We follow our nature because we want to. Therefore, to free human nature, we must set desire free. Social laws and customs that restrict and repress desire stunt natural growth.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

Sacred sex is the highest expression of freedom in order. It is driven by our deepest desire and nature, and leads to the highest evolutionary order. In fact, Sacred Union - a state of Perfect Freedom and Pure Ecstasy - is also one of Perfect Order. In Sacred Union, the brain achieves a state of maximum coherent functioning.

This is also a sacred sex principle because sacred sex bridges the perceived gap between worldly desire and sacred order. These two, which we commonly see as conflicting, are brought together by sacred sex.

How it applies to life and society:

Order in Freedom applies to every area of society in which we seek order, yet also desire freedom. Two prime fields are government, economy. But it also applies to more basic areas like social values, including those toward sex.

Idea Life is a Union of Male & Female Essence

This principle gives more detail about the nature of Unity in Diversity. It explains what diversity fundamentally is -- male & female essence. The basic traits that we identify as male (strength, stability, presence) and female (movement, energy, change) can be found in everyone and everything in creation. Oriental Taoism in fact does exactly that; it classifies everything in creation according to its male (yang) and female (yin) essence. The role of this principle, and the aim of Taoism, is to maintain the natural balance of life by harmonizing male & female essence.

We see these archetypal gender traits everywhere in life. Hot, hard, and dry are male; cool, soft, and wet are female. Fire and air are male; earth and water are female. Sun is male; moon is female. Logic and rational thought are male; creative thought and intuition are female. Math & science are male; speech, language, and the arts are female.

This principle is true because creation is born of this male-female essence. The singularity described earlier simply is, beyond all time & space. It has eternal presence (male). Within it though, is all the essence of dynamic change (female) to bring forth creation. Thus, creation is born of the union of male & female essence. It's no surprise then that the offspring - our universe - carries this essence throughout.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

If it's not obvious, you might want to start at the beginning.

How it applies to life and society:

This principle helps reduce complex issues down to basic ones.

For example, restoring balance to our ultra-competitive, overly aggressive society seems like a complex issue. One contributing factor is how we educate & employ our youth. By over-emphasizing science & technology (male) and under-appreciating art & culture (female), we encourage competition and aggression, which are male qualities. At the same time, we devalue our cooperative and nurturing female side.

Male-Female balance applies not only to 'soft' social issues, but also to 'hard' practical issues like business. We tend to think of business strictly in terms of competition. Yet business runs on cooperation too. Workers within a business cooperate to achieve goals, produce products, and offer services. Businesses cooperate with each other on mutually beneficial projects. We can improve business functioning by better negotiating the interface between cooperation and competition.

Male-Female harmony also points to the need for balance between business (male) and the environment (female). Non-sustainable business does not serve society.

Last, Male-Female balance applies to the basic issue of order vs. freedom in government. Order (structure) is male; freedom is female. Society needs both.

Idea Life is a Union of Heart & Mind

This principle, like others above, reminds us that all of life is vital and to be honored. Too often in our intellectual society we deny the simple desires of our heart. We forget that it is by following our heart - doing what we want - that we find happiness. We put things off, ignore inner yearnings, and even create social mores - customs and value systems - that suppress and demonize desire. We literally pit heart vs. mind in an unwinnable battle for our souls.

Such self-destructive thinking divides heart and mind, and splits the personality. It leaves a fundamental void inside that can never be filled until we reunite these two spheres of life.

Denial of the heart springs from a deeply flawed belief that desire is somehow evil and leads us astray. Yet all of evolution, especially human evolution, is a product of desire -- we desire more & more, and thereby we grow. (For more on its true role in life, see Sacred Desire.) Basic human desire is for happiness, peace, prosperity, and progress. If all desire springs from this, how can it be evil?

Unity of heart & mind is true because we are endowed with both as a primal condition of life. It can only be that the aim of life is to harmonize them. If they were opposed by nature, life would forever be in conflict, and could not survive. Thus it is for us to consciously accept desire, and integrate it into our value system. This will have profound impact on every sphere of life.

Why it's a sacred sex principle:

Unity of heart and mind is sexual for the same reason as other harmonizing principles -- it unites two diverse values of life. It has particular relevance because we often associate the two values with gender: mind is male, heart is female. The dominance of mind over heart is a sign of our patriarchal society. As a rule, we honor and encourage male traits, while marginalizing female ones. This has brought great imbalance to society. Applying this one principle to life will go a long way toward restoring personal and social welfare.

How it applies to life and society:

The greatest application here is to life in general. It teaches simply 'Follow Your Heart'. Since fulfilled desire brings happiness, this clearly has profound implications for the general health and well-being of all.

More specifically, it brings the dawn of true Sexual Freedom. It replaces sexual moralism with Sacred Sex Values and creates a healthy Sacred Sex Society.

Unity of Heart & Mind applies to other areas too. As educators, it teaches us to look beyond filling our children's heads with facts. We must teach what is relevant to our children's lives -- we must teach what they want to know. That inspires their natural desire to learn, creates unique genius, and roots out student apathy.

For health, uniting heart & mind creates integrated individuals leading healthy, holistic lives.

One of the more surprising, yet profound, impacts of this principle is on economy. In our free-market economy, money is the medium we use to convey our desires. If we want something, we buy it. Yet if we look at the impact of our economic system, we see so many areas of life that are not as we want. Things we produce and buy have undesired effects on our health, environment, social welfare, and more. The reason is that our money doesn't truly represent what we want. That all changes with Value Economics.

Last, life meets economics in one of the most vital needs of our time. Choice of profession is key to following your heart. You wrap your entire identity up in your career. You say, "I'm a doctor", "I'm a teacher", or "I'm a factory worker". It's therefore essential to both your personal well-being and society's economic success that you do the work that you love. Your life-work not only stimulates your mind, but also satisfies your heart.

Unity of heart & mind impacts life in the ultimate way. It leads to Sexual Enlightenment, a state of perpetually fulfilled desire alongside awakened intellect. It is the supreme embodiment of sacred sex principles.

Sexual Enlightenment not only integrates heart & mind, but also brings both into harmony with creation. It is a state of perfect unity in diversity -- you are one with creation. The outer world perfectly reflects your inner world.

In Sexual Enlightenment, everyone does the work that he or she is put on earth to do, fulfilling the Cosmic Desire for which they are born. Each plays their appropriate role in the Cosmic Plan. Each lives every sacred sex principle in daily life. In this way, we prosper together as a true Sacred Sex Society.


Now you see that there is more to sacred sex than meets the eye. At first glance, it seems strange to build society on sexual principles. But a closer look reveals that they are not just sex principles -- they are life principles. They are both natural and universal, and they apply to every sphere of life.

They are in terms of one sphere - sex - but they relate to all spheres. They unify the vast diversity of life into a coherent whole. In that, they transcend sex and become sacred, for it is spirit that unifies all. Spirit runs through all creation as common ground. Yet in all its unifying glory, spirit is, if nothing else, sexual.

For what does spirit unify, but diversity? And what is the essence of diversity, but duality? Diversity boils down to this and that. Spirit then, unifies duality. That is the supreme union. That grand unity, in which duality is finally dissolved, is true Spiritual Union. Two come together in Sacred Union.

That is sex.

Sacred Union is that exalted interface where sex and spirit meet. Sex is the perfect embodiment of two unified as one. And this is why sex supremely satisfies that universal principle: Outer reflects Inner.

Sexual Union is a mirror of Spiritual Union. What we see in physical form - two bodies uniting as one - reflects the inner spirit: two souls merging as one.

Sexual Union is not only a mirror of Spiritual Union, but also a gateway to it. We who are born in this world of diversity and duality can regain our lost wholeness - our ecstatic unity - through sex. Even physical sex gives a glimpse of it, in that moment of orgasm when we feel complete, whole, and one. Beyond that though, sacred sex expands momentary union into a deeper, longer lasting, and ultimately permanent unity.

That is living sacred sex principles in practical life. That transforms individuals and society forever. It creates not just a utopian world, but also one we are truly passionate about, because it satisfies desire. That may well be the most appealing thing about creating a sacred sex society -- far from being a chore, it's a passionate urge.


When we consider common approaches to improving society, we see that most are piecemeal solutions to chronic problems. Government, economy, education, health care, environment, and more face ongoing challenges - often crises - that we never seem to fully resolve. This is because we are trying to mend a broken system. When the system itself is built on incomplete knowledge and partial vision, no amount of reinforcement will keep it standing strong. The principles on which we've established life don't fully support us. Our paradigm is lacking.

Life today is built on a dualistic worldview. We compete with each other, struggle against ourselves, and battle with nature, hoping society and the world will come out okay. We see only diversity and forget our unity.

This is like man & woman without love & sex. There is nothing to unite us. Life is both unity AND diversity. Everything is interconnected. Male & female are equal, in harmonious union. These are the sacred sex principles that express the truth of life. They are universal -- good for all people in all times. They are natural, ingrained in the very essence of life and in our human spirit. They are our birthright and our destiny. We must reclaim them if we are to rise to our full potential as sexual AND spiritual beings.

We need not even accept them as spiritual. Because they are self-evident natural laws in the world, verifiable through observation and science, we can take them at face value and still apply them to benefit life. Unity in Diversity is the truth of life, whether we see it as a sexual principle, a spiritual one, or a simple law of nature. Applying it, and others like it, to life aligns us with the natural laws that guide our evolution. That ensures continuous growth and progress.

Nor do sacred sex principles bring abrupt or violent change. They are not a repudiation of current values, but rather an extension of them. Institutions of diversity are already in place, and a growing sense of the need to support it with unity is here. Sacred sex principles simply represent the fulfillment of that need, and present ways for unity and diversity to co-exist. More than that, they bring innovative means for unity and diversity to functionally interact, for the benefit of both.

Thus sacred sex principles hold the promise of smooth, natural Global Transformation to utopian society.

It is as natural, and desirous, as man & woman coming together in love.

Copyright 2008, Society for Sacred Sexuality - all rights reserved.

Sexual union is a mirror of Spiritual Union, and a gateway to direct experience of it.
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