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Sacred Sex Society
Imagine a world....

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Gary Joseph
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Joined: 16 Jun 2004
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Sacred Sex Society    Posted: June 30, 2004 Reply with quote

Imagine a world....

Imagine a world where sex & spirit meet in the full flowering of human potential to bring forth a lush, sensuous, heaven on earth.

Imagine a world where Spiritual Union is a direct experience, and the gateway is sacred sex.

Imagine Sexual Enlightenment, where everyone's desires are fulfilled, all desires are in harmony, and every desire is for the good of yourself and the world.

Imagine embodying the sexual union of God & Goddess in Sacred Union.

Imagine Sacred Desire eternally fulfilled by inner ecstasy, not transient outer gains.

Imagine manifesting your every wish through sexual desire -- Conscious Conception.

Imagine living your full human potential as a Universal Being.

Imagine rising to enlightenment simply by Following your Heart.

Imagine every stage of your life marking your growth as a sexual being.

Imagine your Body as a Temple, worthy of worship - both his & hers - for the sensual Divinity that resides within it.

Imagine an ever-present undercurrent of Universal Love flowing regardless of the presence or absence of Personal Love.

Imagine Gender Relations based on the inherent unity of the sexes, not their disunion.

Imagine True Intimacy that reveals your very soul.

Imagine your Gender Identity as a complete sexual soul - not a male or female body.

Imagine True Gender Fulfillment that transcends male mastery & women's liberation.

Imagine a SoulMate born especially for you.

Imagine Total Health from following and satisfying your every desire.

Imagine sex as a vital way to Heal the Body.

Imagine Immortality through sex.

Imagine Every Child a Genius in their own way.

Imagine a world built on Universal Principles that inspire Innovative & Practical Change.

Imagine a world where desire is the Standard of Value.

Imagine a world where Government functions as perfectly as that of the universe.

Imagine a world where Economic Incentive encourages exactly what we want in life.

Imagine doing what you love most for a living, and getting paid.

Imagine a world where the value of human life motivates public Health Care.

Imagine a world where the value of creative genius motivates Public Education.

Imagine man & nature living in harmony, and nature pouring forth her Limitless Bounty.

Imagine Lasting World Peace built on respect for all peoples, cultures, and nations.

Imagine Social Traditions that celebrate ALL of life, including your sacred sexuality.

Imagine a society that Values Sex and enjoys true Sexual Freedom.

Imagine a world where sex is neither suppressed nor obsessed over, but rather openly enjoyed for its natural sacred value.

Imagine celebrating the seasons with Sacred Sex Ritual.

Imagine transforming the world through Sacred Sex Ritual.

Imagine a Utopian Society in every area of life.

Imagine our world Reflecting the Spiritual World.

Imagine a vital and sensuous heavenly paradise, a global garden of earthly delight....

Now imagine it is real.

This is the very down-to-earth, practical world that sacred sex creates.


There are many people who no doubt question whether humanity has within it the lofty potential described above, and whether utopian society is a real possibility or just a fantastic dream.

We can argue in favor of these by noting that our near universal and perennial desire must inevitably bring them about. We may also say that whatever we can conceive, we can create. The ideals presented on this website, and by others elsewhere, certainly offer a plan for exactly that.

We may even defer to a higher authority and say it is Destiny or Divine Will that it be so, and that the growing awareness of such ideas and their implementation are signs that it is in fact coming about.

However, there is a far simpler, more earthy and compelling proof that utopian life is not only possible, but also is built in to us as human beings. More convincing is that this proof comes from science, not philosophy, religion, or any other so-called 'speculative' field.

The proof is the commonly known scientific fact that mankind uses 5-15% of his mental potential. Einstein is thought to have used 25% of his. Looking throughout history at the enormous innovation and progress of mankind using just a fraction of his inborn capacity, we can only guess what we are capable of through any degree of awakening. Even if we assume a cumulative gain - that the added 85-95% of our brain capacity would improve our quality of life 5-20 times - we would see great strides toward utopia. But more likely, the results would tend more toward exponential gain, with genius feeding off genius, and quantum leap begetting even greater quantum breakthroughs. In that case, quality of life gains of 100-1000 times, or more, are likely.

There is another implication of the 5-15% phenomena though. It suggests not only that we are inherently capable of utopia, but that it is indeed our destiny.

Evolution theory states that anatomy & function evolve to meet current survival needs. Yet our brain capacity has 'evolved' far beyond our survival need. What's more, this evolved capacity isn't even being used. This cannot be explained by current evolutionary theory.

Because our potential far exceeds our current use, humanity must have devolved, not evolved. We have been created with a high potential, one that we have lost and now are evolving back to. (This idea is fully discussed in Journey of the Soul.)

This offers proof that we are created for a higher purpose by a higher mind, and that there is indeed an evolutionary plan that we are following. It also means that the growing awareness and acceptance of utopian ideas are indeed signs that the evolutionary plan is coming to fruition. When in the long history of humankind have utopian ideals been so clearly and completely laid out? To build anything we must first conceive it, and our conceptual detail indicates that higher mind is manifesting on earth.

If we have indeed devolved from some idyllic life that we have lost, we should not be surprised to find some record of that, particularly in our older civilizations. And we do.

The ancient Vedic culture of India records four ages, or 'yugas', that mankind cycles through. The lowest, named 'kali yuga', is a time of great strife, conflict, and suffering. Vedic cosmology indicates it is the age we are in now. It is immediately followed by a Golden Age, 'sat yuga', marked by peace, harmony, and the full flowering of human potential. Also, brief periods of sat yuga-like conditions lasting 1,000 years or so, are part of the longer yuga cycles.

The Orient also records an ancient time of prosperity and well-being on earth. Interestingly, one of the main sources of the lore is the world's oldest known sex manual, which taught sacred sex techniques from the Taoist perspective. The text, called The Sexual Counsel of the Plain Girl, records the advice given by three concubines to the Yellow Emperor, Huang Ti, who is believed to have lived in the 27th century BCE. There are several versions of the text; the following one, from the White Tigress Manual, includes this mention of earlier times:


"In ancient times people followed the teachings of the immortalesses and immortals; they were tranquil and content in abiding in nothingness; always maintaining their vital forces; their original spirit was preserved internally so no illness could affect them. They had no selfish desires, so their hearts were at peace and without fear; even though they wholeheartedly applied themselves to every task they never felt wearied. With their spirits in harmony and obedience, everything was satisfactory to them and all they wished for could be achieved. They were happy under any conditions, and were unconcerned whether another person was of high or low position in life; whether they were beautiful or mediocre in appearance; whether they were coarse or refined in temperament; whether they were aggressive or passive in nature. These people were pure of heart because they did not discriminate against others; they were nonjudgmental toward others; and they did not interfere with others. They recognized the beauty and potential for joyful bliss in everyone around them, always living in accordance with the natural laws of yin and yang replenishing each other. These people lived the true Tao because they understood and emulated Heaven's creativity and the earth's receptivity, thereby living in full humanity."

-- Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon, pp. 91-92 (see Endnotes for pub. info)

Interestingly, the West is not without scriptural reference to mankind's original exalted state either, and it is right under our nose. The Old Testament records man's creation in God's image and the paradise called Eden. Short-lived as it was, it nevertheless points to our original pure state. Judeo-Christian belief also includes the idea of return to that state.

Our inborn brain capacity shows us one final thing about utopian life: that it is natural. Utopia is not some supernatural state completely beyond our current comprehension. Rather, it is a natural extension of who we already are. It may be a great and transformative extension, but it is forever native to us.


A return to our original, pure innocent state stirs up new imaginings....

Imagine a world where man & woman stand naked before God - in spirit, not necessarily in body - without shame, denial, or judgment, rather with accepting heart, open awareness, and authentic soul.

Imagine a world of pristine innocence, motivated by pure desire of the heart.

Imagine Eden....

The various topics of the Sacred Sex Society Forum present a vision of it.

Copyright 2007, Society for Sacred Sexuality - all rights reserved.


Endnotes for quote:

Hsi Lai, The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon (Rochester: Destiny Books, 2002)

Sexual union is a mirror of Spiritual Union, and a gateway to direct experience of it.
New Contributor

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IMAGINE    Posted: January 21, 2008 Reply with quote

Lennon brought IMAGINE to the forefront, but like his mortal being it has faded to organic matter. Where has the spirit gone, the desire, the need , the sensation; for individual and collective peace, for comfort, for sensuality, for serenity, for love, for life.

These are strange days indeed....
Gary Joseph
SSS Founder

Joined: 16 Jun 2004
Posts: 864
Location: SSS Home

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Imagine....    Posted: January 22, 2008 Reply with quote

I forgot about that song -- thanks for the reminder. I think it was so powerful because it inspires that which starts the process of creating a better world: desire. That's what I was aiming to kindle when I wrote my piece.

The 60's certainly had its utopian idealism. Where has it all gone? I think deep down its still there, its just that in its infancy, people thought 'all we have to do is believe in it', etc., etc. When it didn't just magically happen, people stopped trying and the desires went underground. People still want it, they just don't know how to create the reality of it.

That's why its so important to show how these spiritual ideas translate into practical programs that will create ideal government, economy, health, education, etc. That's the purpose of the Sacred Sex Society Forum -- first to explain the sacred sex principles that apply to all areas of life, then to show that application in each area.

I think when people have a practical plan before them and see a way to actually create what they desire deep in their hearts, that they'll truly embrace it and make it happen.

Sexual union is a mirror of Spiritual Union, and a gateway to direct experience of it.
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