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Sacred Sex Society News
Record of SSS progress toward creating a sacred sex society

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Gary Joseph
SSS Founder

Joined: 16 Jun 2004
Posts: 864
Location: SSS Home

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Sacred Sex Society News    Posted: October 12, 2008 Reply with quote

This Topic gives updates
on efforts and progress toward creating a sacred sex society.

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Updates are shown from first to last.
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! important !

Updates begin October 1, 2008.
Earlier activities focused on expanding our Learning Center and developing our website.
For a record of these updates, see our What's New Forum.

Gary Joseph
SSS Founder

Joined: 16 Jun 2004
Posts: 864
Location: SSS Home

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Sexual Healing Tour Announced - 10/4/08    Posted: October 12, 2008 Reply with quote

Dear Friends of the Society for Sacred Sexuality,

As many of you may know, October is a special month for Goddess Worship in ancient cultures, and this year the Goddess has blessed the world with a new power -- the Gift of Sexual Healing. She brings this gift and power at a time when the United States and the world are experiencing a political and economic transition to a new age. New values are rising to administer society, and the Goddess is revealing Her Power to bring this transition about. Mankind has been mired in problems, suffering, and conflict for many generations, and the need of our time is for a healing power to open the heart & soul of humanity to allow holistic values to rise up and lead.

To share this gift with the world, the Goddess has guided me to offer Sexual Healing sessions anywhere in the United States or abroad that wishes to sponsor a tour. The sessions are free of charge and are open to men, women, and children of all ages. Each sponsor group or community is responsible for travel expenses and room & board for myself during the stay. This may be provided for by financially able donors, donation collection from healing participants, or other means. Sponsors are responsible for promoting the tour in their area, and scheduling sessions.

Sexual Healing involves the opening of one's life/sexual energy and the removal of blocks in the body that inhibit its natural flow. This process ultimately results in spiritual awakening, what sacred sex refers to as sexual enlightenment. To use a more common vernacular, it is an experience of 24/7 (permanent) orgasm.

Sexual Healing can be invoked in many ways, and because sexual energy is none other than life energy, need not involve sexual practice or touching at all. Appropriate methods will be used based on each individual's needs and desires. All sessions with children under 18 will be conducted with a parent or guardian in the room, and will involve no sexual contact whatsoever. Children who are not sexually active typically feel general warmth, tingling, and calm throughout the body, with no sexual aspect to it. While Sexual Healing does not specifically aim to address any medical condition (and no sessions will focus on specific ailments or conditions), it may somewhat alleviate them. However, under no circumstances should one substitute Sexual Healing for professional medical treatment, or delay standard treatment for it.

In addition to healing sessions, I will make myself available for group meetings - Goddess Circles - to discuss Sexual Healing, Sacred Sex, and other relevant teachings, as time allows.

For those who don't know, I came to sacred sex through a spontaneous awakening that occurred while practicing the healing arts. In that awakening, my own sexual energy (known as kundalini in the Tantra tradition) opened up and poured out of me as healing energy. I immediately recognized it as a distinctly feminine energy, that of the Goddess. This Goddess energy is also known as 'Shakti'. Besides Cosmic Energy, the Goddess is also Cosmic Intelligence, and She has guided me over the years to Sacred Sex and its teaching. Throughout that time, healing has remained an intimate part of my life, and the Society for Sacred Sexuality is dedicated to healing the world with this beautiful Goddess Wisdom.

If you wish to sponsor a visit to your area, or have questions, please email me for more information.

Healing Blessings to All,
Gary Joseph, founder
Society for Sacred Sexuality
Gary Joseph
SSS Founder

Joined: 16 Jun 2004
Posts: 864
Location: SSS Home

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Goddess Celebration Update - 10/8/08    Posted: October 12, 2008 Reply with quote

Dear Friends of the Society for Sacred Sexuality,

This has been a tumultuous week.

A few days ago, I sent a message to all members saying this is a special time of reverence for the Goddess. India, a culture with an ancient tradition of honoring the Goddess, is in the midst of a 10-day ritual celebrating the triumph of Goddess Energy in the world. There are two parts to this festival. The first, called 'Navaratri', translates as the 'Nine Nights' of the Divine Mother. During this time, powers seeking to block Goddess Energy rise up to obstruct its presence in the world. This is depicted as a 'battle' between the Goddess and the forces arrayed against Her. We are currently in this nine-day period.

In my last message, I said that the US and the world are undergoing a "political and economic transition" to a new age. Not surprisingly, this transition includes turmoil. It is interesting to note that the most recent plunge of the US stock market - 777 points - occurred as India was preparing for and entering into the Navaratri period. The 'battle' began. Now, in the days since I told you about this, both the economic and political crises have grown to new proportions. The economic meltdown has turned global, with European banks failing as well, and global stocks plummeting despite announcements of a 'bailout'. Politically, the US election has turned ugly in recent days, with what can only be described as vicious attacks by the status quo against a message of hope and change. The war against Goddess Energy is being waged before our very eyes.

It is quite likely that many of you have also faced personal challenges over the past week. This is the same battle playing out in your own life.

At such times of personal, national, and global crisis, it's common for us to look for reasons and, if we are spiritual, to ask our personal God and/or Goddess why this is happening. We may even question why they allow it to happen. How can an Almighty, Benevolent God-dess allow such problems, suffering, and conflict in the world?

I want to share some answers to these questions. The answers begin with new questions:

Who is the Goddess and what does She want?

The Goddess is not some Great Being who sits in the heavens on Her Throne ruling the world. Our faith-based religion has so deeply ingrained the idea that God is outside us that we have lost the truth of our own divinity. God, through His Nature - the Goddess - is inside each and every one of us. We ARE nature -- divinity acts through us. Thus the answer to why this is happening is that we allow it to happen. We do the acts that cause the problems and we fail to do those that will solve them.

You might ask, 'what can I do, I'm just one individual?' The answer to that question is to do whatever is in your power to do. Whatever God-dess has given you in the way of wisdom, wealth, experience, and/or resources, that is your power to act with to achieve what you want. Do you want to live in a sacred sex society or do you want to stand by and watch as those who want something else, or who don't know what they want, lead the world in a different direction?

It's easy to deny self-responsibility and say, "Oh, God-dess will take care of it." Let me tell you two stories about that.

There is a scripture in India devoted to the Goddess called, 'Devi Bhagavatam'. It is probably 1000 pages recounting Her endless exploits in the world. One tale floored me when I read it. It describes a time when, much like today, the world was going through great turmoil. The lesser gods were battling the forces against them, and failing miserably. Soon they realized there was but one resort -- appeal to the Great Goddess to save the world (actually the situation was worse; it was not just the world that was in peril, but the entire universe). It then tells of the long journey the gods travel, ascending through the symbolic heavens to reach Her (these 'heavens' are just your own higher levels of awareness). Finally they reach the most glorious, radiant world where She resides, and spill out the long, sad story of their pitiful plight. They end with a passionate plea for Her to 'save the universe'. To which the Goddess replied with a Great Yawn and said, "Which universe is that?"

Now you know where all those black holes and quantum wormholes lead.

Several years ago I had a more 'earthly' experience that had a similar impact. I came across a National Geographic magazine with a cover story titled, 'The Universe'. I remember nothing about the article, but I'll never forget the map. Those familiar with Nat Geo know that they typically include a great map of the global region featured in the main article. This issue was no exception. In it was a 4 x 5 ft. map, using pics from the Hubble telescope, of our 'little' universe. You're familiar with how maps are done. A broad view of the region fills the whole page. Within that are blow-up insets with detail of key areas. This map had about 5 such insets. The first showed a familiar picture: our solar system, with earth happily circling the sun. From opposite corners of the inset, two lines converge into another inset, showing where the solar system is located in the next smaller scale view. I think it was called 'Our Region of the Milky Way', with a pic of a bunch of stars in black space. That inset fed to another, a beautiful shot of our spiral Milky Way galaxy. That led to another, called our 'Near Cluster of Galaxies', featuring a dozen or more just like ours. Next was our 'Super Cluster', with countless galaxies sprawled across vast empty space. Last, that led to the main page, showing our Super Cluster together with countless other super galaxy clusters. In the big picture, our tiny space in the universe is smaller than a pinpoint.

Below is a greatly reduced copy of the map, with our solar system in the lower right:

copyright National Geographic

The next time you think that your life and your problems are significant, or that God-dess will surely save us, think of that.

All this begs the questions, what does God-dess want and does S/He really care? In the Devi Bhagavatam, the Goddess does of course rescue creation in the end. But what IS the Goddess? She is our own Pure Nature -- IT IS ONLY OUR TRUE NATURE THAT CAN RESCUE US. It is our best effort that will do it. One point of this story is that we cannot passively sit by and wait for a divine 'bailout'. Rather, we must use our nature and the resources available at our disposal to create the world we want. Yes, God-dess will support our endeavor, but we are the instruments through which God-dess acts in the world. We live in a Co-Creation, not a Creation. We pursue our human desire and God-dess lends the force of Cosmic Desire.

No one individual can fathom how it will play out, because each individual is just one piece of the puzzle. We are all actors on a drama stage, each with a bit part in a Grand Design. No one knows how it ends, but we each know our role -- that is our desire and our nature, and the resources at our disposal to make it happen. That is the role we must each play.

Those who know me know that I am typically quiet and unassuming. Over the past 5 years, I have been content to share the wisdom the Goddess has revealed to me on the Society for Sacred Sexuality website. I have always believed that if I simply speak the truth, that the people who are to be part of this global awakening would find their way to the site and participate in it. Over these past few years, I have received much positive feedback and support. But I also sense that many are sitting on the sidelines, expecting a sacred sex society to create itself. That is not how it works.

This is a vital time for life on earth. It is a time of challenge, but it is also one of great opportunity.

Over the past many years (dating back to my personal awakening), the Goddess has shown me many signs that great wealth would come forward to support this work. In my personal life, I have never had much wealth, nor cared for it. I pursued spiritual interests soon after college, and trusted the universe to sustain me along the way. That has always happened. There have been several times when opportunities to raise funds for my activities have presented themselves, and each time I pursued them. In the end, each one failed, but in the act of pursuing them, each led me to the next step in my own learning and teaching. Ultimately, that path led me to sacred sex and to founding the Society for Sacred Sexuality in 2004.

Over the past few months, a new opportunity came forward. It began very promising, but recently, that too began to fade. The worst has occurred during this tumultuous time of Navaratri. As I pondered this situation, asking the Goddess why She was not supporting this desire when it was so clearly in Her easy capacity to do so, I recalled the stories told above and knew I was asking the wrong question. It's not that She can't, won't, or doesn't care; it's that She wants us to look in a new direction. She is telling us that the wealth will come from a different source.

I do not know when or from where that support will come. But I do know that the Goddess does not fail. As we go through this chaotic time of Navaratri, I asked myself what more I can do to co-create a sacred sex society. The answer that came within was to send this message to all SSS members. Those who have been members for years know that I do not send out messages often. I respect your time and loathe spam as much as anyone. I send out seasonal invitations to participate in our sacred sex ritual, and update members on SSS lessons and activities.

This is also not a plea for donations from every member. I realize that many people are struggling to get by themselves these days. While I welcome donations of any size from those inspired to contribute, that is not why I am writing. Those who know me may also know that, while I appear quiet and unassuming, inside I have grand desires for the world I want to create. Hopefully my website gives a taste of that. These are multi-million dollar desires, to start.

I want to build Goddess Temples in major population centers around the globe, supporting full-time Temple Priestesses who share their sacred sex wisdom with the world. I want to establish an Endowment Fund to fund these centers in perpetuity (forever!). I want to set up scholarships supporting not only women who wish to become sacred sex teachers, but also those working in other positive roles in society. I also want to establish a program to help women who have been abused, violated, or otherwise mistreated reclaim their dignity, self-esteem, and goddess-hood.

These are just a few of my desires.

This message then is for wealthy individuals who have the power to make this vision a reality. There are so many things you can do with your money. Most of them are trivial and bring no real happiness. If you are like most wealthy people, you have much invested in the stock market. You can leave that money there and watch it go down the toilet - as $8 trillion of investor wealth has in the past year - or you can use your power to transform the world.

If you are in such a position and share this vision, you can contact me via my website, or contribute directly through our donation page.

If you know someone who is in this position, pass this on to them with a personal message.

Today (Wednesday, Oct. 8) ends the Navaratri celebration. Tomorrow is the second part of the Goddess Festival, called 'Vijaya Dashmi' -- Victory Day. It is the day that Goddess Energy prevails on earth.

Together, we make it happen.

Blessings to all, from Her.

Gary Joseph
Society for Sacred Sexuality
Gary Joseph
SSS Founder

Joined: 16 Jun 2004
Posts: 864
Location: SSS Home

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Victory Update - 10/18/08    Posted: October 15, 2008 Reply with quote

Dear Friends of the Society for Sacred Sexuality,

I recently sent a message to members about the challenging time America and the world are going through, and about the opportunity it presents for transition to a new era. I spoke of the Goddess and Her support for our efforts to create a sacred sex society. Specifically, I explained that we live in a co-creation, not a creation -- we must do our part and be instruments through which the Goddess can act.

Today I'd like to begin by showing proof of that. Support from the Goddess is not some vague ideal or new age fantasy that never shows up in the world. It is a very real phenomenon with real-world impact. In my last message, I mentioned that the Goddess has been showing Herself to me in various ways for many years. I do something that I feel guided to do, and the Goddess shows Her support in some way, regardless of the outcome of the action. Her response to the message I sent urging everyone to be instruments for the Goddess was no exception, and I'd like to share that story.

I will preface it by saying that we cannot know the full reason She guides us to a particular action, nor can we fathom the magnitude - or seeming triviality - of Her response. Every action we undertake impacts creation, whether we see that impact or not. In these times especially, when there is so much negativity in the world, it may seem like positive action brings no result. But every action builds up the effect, and there's a wise saying, 'drop by drop, big vessels get filled'. And the Goddess shows Her support in Her own way. She has done so now in a most beautiful manifestation of Her Form.

You'll recall that I sent the message during the Goddess Celebration in India known as Navaratri, a nine-day period when there is turmoil as Goddess Energy 'battles' obstructions to it. Navaratri is followed by 'Victory Day', when the Goddess triumphs.

The urge to write that message came in the middle of the night toward the end of Navaratri. During that week, as I said in my message, there was much political and economic turmoil in the world. I must have felt that, and awoke trying to make sense of it and see what was to be done. I felt like the Navaratri battle was going on inside me for a couple hours until everything cleared with the vision to write that message.

When I got up that morning, I went straight to the computer and began writing. It took several hours to formulate the words and the message. I finished and sent it out in the early afternoon on October 8. At that time, India, which is 10+ hours ahead of US time, was just entering into the Victory Day portion of the celebration. After I finished, I was feeling clear, energized, and euphoric, filled with Goddess Energy. I went to get some food, as I had not yet eaten that day. Among the things I grabbed from the fridge was a bag of baby carrots.

Victory Yoni

Most of you are familiar with these -- carrots uniformly cut to about 2 in. and put in a 'rumbler' to remove the peels. Aside from slight variations in thickness, they are all virtually the same. There was only a handful left in the bag, and I dumped it on my plate. Atop the pile was the most remarkable carrot I have ever seen. It had somehow split vertically, but not through the core, and the sides of the outer sheath ever so gracefully flared out, creating the form of a beautiful yoni. Words completely fail to convey the image, so I captured it with a photo, shown at right. As anyone can see, it is not only beautifully formed, but also quite anatomically correct, right up to Her Glorious Love Button. Because She appeared on Victory Day, I call Her the Victory Yoni.

As I stood in awe, examining this beautiful creation, I tried to make sense of it. In one way, it was the most inconsequential response to what I had done. I want to raise millions of dollars to build a sacred sex society, and I get a carrot. I thought, 'Of all the ways the Goddess could show Herself, why a carrot?' Then it hit me. What I had done in my message was hold a 'carrot' out to the wealthy, to inspire them to come forward. That carrot was in the form of inspirational words about the Goddess. The message was, literally, a carrot in the form of the Goddess.

Whenever I see signs of the Goddess like this, I always think what had to happen to bring it about. In my last message, I said that if we do our part, the Goddess will do Hers. I emphasized our responsibility and our role. Now I want to give insight as to the Power of the Goddess and how She responds.

The easiest way to understand the how the Goddess operates in the world, and can organize seemingly 'miraculous' feats, is to see Her as Universal Mind. This doesn't mean some grand cosmic mind that's 'out there' in the universe, separate from our human minds. Rather, She IS the collective mind of every being in creation, as well as the guiding intelligence in all inanimate creation. Every thought & desire you have is not yours, it is that of the Goddess. Your ego only assumes ownership of it -- that is what is called 'bondage' or 'ignorance'. Enlightenment - nirvana, moksha, liberation, or Sexual Enlightenment as I call it in sacred sex - is simply realizing the truth (experientially, not just intellectually) that you ARE the Goddess, acting in the world through an individual body. (Actually, you are God-dess, God & Goddess together.)

This explains how the Goddess brings about events in the world, according to Cosmic Plan -- She acts through each & every individual required to bring the event about. Each one simply acts on his or her own desire, typically not even knowing they are divine instruments, and certainly not knowing the coordinated roles others are playing. Consider what must have happened to bring about this carrot revelation:

First, there is the astounding formation of the carrot itself. It had to split and come loose at exactly the right places in order for the outer layer to arc out in that form. The yoni lips are even thicker in the middle and more delicate at top & bottom, as you would expect. The yoni also opens widest in the lower portion. One labia even drapes down at the top, forming a clitoral hood.

But the carrot itself is just the beginning; there is also how it came to my attention at that precise moment. There is the fact that this carrot must have been processed & packed far in advance of the letter itself, yet the Goddess knew what was to come. It had to be shipped to a store near me, not anywhere else in the country. It had to sit on the shelf, unpicked by other shoppers, waiting to be brought into my home. It was not even I who bought it. Then, it had to make its way to the bottom of the bag so as not to be discovered too soon. Think of all the handling the bag went through from plant to refrigerator, and that carrot wound up perfectly positioned inside. Last, everyone eating out of the bag (more than just me) had to take just the right amount so as to leave one handful left on Victory Day, 2008. And I had to feel like eating carrots that day; what if I'd munched something else instead? It couldn't happen because the Goddess Herself desired to grab the carrots.

When you see it this way, you realize that it truly is - despite being seemingly trivial - a miracle. The point to note is the Power of the Goddess to organize for happenings in the world. She can bring about any event, grand or small, in creation, when the time is right. We have only to play our small roles and let Her show when the time is right.

Amazingly, this is not even the end of the story. The next day, October 9 - when India was finishing its Victory Day celebration - I again went to the kitchen for some lunch and pulled out a new bag of carrots. I cut open the corner and stuck my fingers in, planning to first pop one in my mouth before dumping a pile on my plate. As I reached in the bag, I half-jokingly asked the Goddess, 'What carrot do you have for me today?' I was stunned at what I pulled out, shown below.

Victory Goddess

At first I wondered whether it was two intertwined lovers or the bottom half of the Goddess. The more I examined it though, the more I saw that the previous day's Victory Yoni had grown two Goddess legs. If you look carefully, you'll see a clear front and backside. The front, complete with creases where thigh meets pelvis, even has a tell-tale 'V' at the yoni, formed by a hairline crack converging to one of the creases, as more clearly seen below. Her hips also taper to Her waist. Her backside features rotated hips, knee crease, and that sexy line where derriere meets thigh, all exactly as occurs when one leg swings in front of the other. There is even a hint of the split between her cheeks. I call Her the Victory Goddess.

Victory Goddess

My first instinct when I found this was to check the entire bag to ensure that I hadn't stumbled upon some mutant strain of carrots that were all unusual. Sure enough, it was the only special one in the bag. This bag was even a different brand than the other.

These events, and the response I received from SSS members to the message, have inspired me to announce the following new projects, activities, and services to help build a sacred sex society. I welcome your comments, suggestions, and participation in all.

Arrow Sacred Sex Shrine

The vision for a Sacred Sex Shrine, plus Temples and Centers worldwide has been expanded and updated. Some details and functioning have been worked out. Because this is such a vast project, it may seem challenging even to start. So I've created a fun & simple first step. Rather than hashing out dry details, I've collected some visual images to get everyone's creative juices flowing. I hope they inspire you to contribute your own creative ideas & vision. The more attention we collectively give it, the more we will attract the resources to make it a reality.

Visit the Sacred Sex Shrine page for details; share ideas & comments in the Shrine Project Forum.

Arrow 10 Goddess Funds wuv

These will be 10 scholarship endowment funds to support women around the world in various capacities, as listed below:

Goddess Fund - to support women training or practicing as sacred sex teachers (including those living/working at Sacred Sex Temples full-time).

Goddess Freedom Fund - to support female sacred sex teachers facing legal issues involving their teaching.

Goddess Spirit Fund - to support women in professional & entrepreneurial pursuits devoted to feminine values, including healing, teaching, social service, and the arts.

Goddess Healing Fund - to support & nurture abused, neglected, violated, and other mistreated women. If appropriate, can also include counseling for male partners to prevent future abuse.

Goddess Rising Fund - to support women reclaiming their dignity, self-esteem, sexuality (inc. sexual identity & orientation), goddess-hood, and joy of relationship, especially as follow-up to Goddess Healing.

Goddess International Fund - to support women outside America in various capacities, especially in developing countries.

Mother Goddess Fund - to support women in issues surrounding motherhood, including birth control & pregnancy issues, single motherhood, and parenting.

Child Goddess Fund - to support non-educational needs of dependent female children (under age 18).

Goddess Development Fund - to support basic & higher education for young girls and women.

Earth Goddess Fund - to support & promote sustainable living practices for the future of all humanity.

Anyone inspired to donate to a particular fund (or to all 10 equally through one donation) is invited to do so via our donation page. Include a note with your donation stating the fund(s) you support.

I am also looking for someone to administer and promote these funds. This will include soliciting & screening qualified recipients as scholarships become available. Aside from initial setup, the main early work would be promotion, which can be according to your time & interest. As the funds build, others will be brought in to help administer.

These funds will have as their founding day October 9, 2008 -- Victory Day. The 10 will affectionately be known as the G-10, like the G-8 name for the world's major economic powers. G-10 stands for the 10 Goddess Powers.

Arrow New Services

The Society for Sacred Sexuality offers two new professional services:

Sacred Sex Fantasy Fulfillment - Sacred Sex is about transforming sexual desire into a sacred experience. One point that is often missed in this is that ANY sexual desire can be used in this. Some mistakenly think they must practice sacred sex in a rigid, subdued, or otherwise inhibited way. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, the opposite is true. Any restraint on desire inhibits sacred sex experience. Sacred Union - the peak experience in sacred sex - is a state of perfectly fulfilled desire. You cannot get there by denying desire.

For more explanation of this, see Sacred Desire and Follow Your Heart.

In this age of unfulfilled sexuality and relationships, it is often difficult for people even to share their most intimate desires, much less fulfill them. Even trusted partners may react negatively to certain desires or fantasies, so we keep them to ourselves. Finding others to act out our fantasies with us can be difficult or unsafe, and creates relationships we may not otherwise want. In modern society, many turn to the Internet for anonymous fantasy fulfillment. However in both cases, real sex & cybersex, fantasy fulfillment rarely has anything to do with sacred sex. It merely satisfies the sexual desire. There is nothing wrong with that, but fantasy fulfillment can be so much more. It can lead to Sacred Union.

The Internet, for all its lack of sanctity in sex, does offer that rare, perfectly anonymous opportunity to express your most intimate sexual desires and be positively received. Now you can be guided to transform it into a sacred sex experience. You'll learn to use your desire to lead you to sacred sex ecstasy. The only thing missing will be a real-life partner, but don't underestimate the power of your own desire when unleashed and guided in a positive direction. It can be exquisitely erotic.

The service is open to men and women, and you may choose either a male or female guide. An SSS member goddess has generously offered her services for those desiring a female. A private forum will be set up for each client, only accessible by them and their guide. If you are concerned that your SSS member identity is known, you can register under a new username. Fee structure will be set on a case by case basis, according to time demand.

You may request any style of interaction you wish, though typically it takes the form of conversational dialog or message exchange. At your request, our site's Private Messaging service can be used, to simulate 'chatting'.

The only limitation is that interactions remain anonymous on the web; requests for personal meetings or telephone communication will be turned down. Despite how you may imagine such a personal encounter, it rarely - if ever - lives up to your ideal of it, even with a sacred sex professional. That professional still has particular mannerisms, traits, and appearance that may or may not fit your fantasy. The professional may not even share your real-life sexual desire. It is much easier to anonymously play a role. That keeps the desire pure in your own mind. And it's the perfection of desire in you that leads to sacred sex ecstasy.

Whether you simply wish for 'pure, pristine' lovemaking with a real sacred sex teacher, or want to find sacred sex ecstasy in some personal fantasy, fetish, or even 'dirty' desire, this service is for you. Besides showing you how to use it in sacred sex, guidance is available for related issues, if they apply and at your request, including: understanding your desire, accepting it (i.e. removing guilt/shame), exploring acceptable outlets for it, working through it (i.e. satisfying the desire and getting rid of it), even elaborating on it or adding sacred elements to it!

To inquire about this service, please email Gary Joseph.

General Spiritual Guidance - This service goes beyond sacred sex counseling to general life guidance for anyone on a spiritual path. Whether you need understanding, advice, help integrating sexuality with your current practice, or other spiritual guidance, this service is for you. For an idea of the direction I lead you in, see Follow Your Heart and Sexual Enlightenment.

For all counseling, please see our Professional Services page.

Arrow Writing & Web Design Projects

I am looking for someone to work with me on various writing projects, including finishing the lessons on this site, converting them into book form, and other book ideas. If you love this knowledge, write clearly with detail & vision, and want to help build a sacred sex society by sharing this wisdom, contact Gary Joseph.

I also need a web designer to expand and upgrade the SSS website. Interested parties should be experienced in HTML & PHP programming languages.

While I want to finish these projects as soon as possible, there is no set deadline, and I appreciate all help I receive. I am open to part-time assistance that fits your schedule. Please note these are currently volunteer positions, but assistants will receive compensation from future income if and as it becomes available. Upon request, I will also provide counseling/teaching services in exchange for work.

If you know of someone who might be interested in either writing or web design, please refer them to us.


I would like to close with some more insight into recent events during this time of Goddess Celebration.

I've spoken of the political & economic turmoil we are going through and related it to the Navaratri period in which Goddess Energy faces obstructing forces. In my last message, I spoke of how the US political fight had turned ugly. It's interesting to note that in the days since Victory Day, the negative rhetoric has backfired and the campaign has returned to a more positive tone.

More remarkable though, is the extraordinary remark that came out of the last presidential debate. On the topic of abortion, Sen. Obama said that we must "provide appropriate education to our youth, communicating that sexuality is sacred…"

While he used the phrase mainly to curb nonchalant teenage attitudes toward sex (that result in unwanted teen pregnancies), it nevertheless likely marks the first time in history that a candidate for national office of ANY country has linked the word 'sacred' to sex. Equally fascinating for those who watched on CNN, was the way that viewer response from a group of about 30 voters, which was measured and shown on-screen in real time, rose to one of its strongest positive values of the entire debate as Senator Obama spoke those words.

Steven Waldman of The Huffington Post wrote of the incident the following day (10/16/08) in an article titled, Sacred Sex and Common Ground: How Obama Won Abortion Part of the Debate:

"It was Obama who made the call for finding common ground by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies and sent the dial-meters soaring by saying children should be taught that 'sexuality is sacred.' That one phrase probably did more to cast Obama as a cultural moderate than anything he's said in all the debates."

Remarkable times indeed...and a Victory for the Goddess.

Enjoy Her Blessings,

Gary Joseph
Society for Sacred Sexuality

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