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Forum Posting Rules & Etiquette

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Joined: 29 Jun 2004
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Forum Posting Rules & Etiquette    Posted: July 6, 2005 Reply with quote

The following general rules will improve everyone's Forum experience:

Arrow Please stay on Topic in Forum posts. The Forum is organized so that it is easy to learn everything about a Topic in one place. If your post concerns a different Topic, find it using the Topic Index or the Search button atop any page, and post there. Contact a Moderator if you find a post that is off-Topic, so we can move it.

Idea In general, you cannot begin a 'New Topic'; this keeps users from starting a Topic that already exists elsewhere. If you can't find your Topic using the tools above, you may start a new Topic in the General Open Forum.

Arrow Use descriptive Topic titles/Subect lines when posting, so others can scan for topics of interest. "Read Me!" is NOT a descriptive title.

While content on this site is inherently sexual, please use appropriate language, etc. in posts. The Society has no position on this regarding users' personal lives, but please respect the public nature of the Forum. Report objectionable posts, abuse, etc. to a Moderator or the Board Administrator.

Idea Moderators have the right to edit, censor, delete or otherwise modify any posted message they deem inappropriate. Moderators may also edit, move, or delete any post that is off-topic. In addition, Moderators may edit any post in order to simplify, clarify, shorten, or otherwise make it more readable & understandable to general users.

Most Forums are for discussing the Society for Sacred Sexuality ideas & teachings presented in the first post of each Topic. Users are welcome to debate those ideas by replying to the post, but use of those Forums to promote personal ideas & teachings is prohibited. Instead, use the General Open Forum for this purpose. There, you may start your own post on any subject relevant to this website, and discuss the Topic with other users who post there. In addition, if your Topic presents an alternative view on an existing SSS Topic, you may post a link from the SSS Topic to yours with a BRIEF introduction, to alert users to alternative views they may wish to explore. Excessive self-promotion in any SSS Forum may be deleted or moved to the General Open Forum, at the Moderator's discretion. If you feel your Topic & views are particularly important & relevant, and merit more prominent placement, contact the Site Administrator.

Arrow Use the ADVERTISING FORUM to promote goods & services.

Arrow Don't double post unless:
  • You have new information to add after your previous post
  • You are bumping up a topic after several days of no replies
  • You are quoting various posts separately
  • Your posts clearly relate to two distinct topics
Not all user posts may be accurate. We will attempt to review posts and modify, clarify, or delete innacurate information, but we cannot verify or guarantee accuracy of material not posted by a Society representative. If you are unsure about information you see on this site, contact the Site Administrator to ask. Please report any post you believe is misleading or innaccurate. The Society is not responsible for any loss, damage, or other liabilities caused by any posted message. See the legal points for more important information.

If you have relevant photos/images to contribute to the site, contact the Site Administrator and request uploading to our gallery. Limit 2 image uploads per post.

The Society respects users of all nationalities, races, religions, genders, ages, and sexual orientations, and expects members to show the same in the Forum. Besides, posts typically should be about the Topic, not users(!) Contact a Moderator or the Board Administrator to report innapropriate posts.


This Forum, in the 'Administrative' category at the bottom of the Forum HomePage (click here to view), lets you comment on articles and files posted on this site, and to read comments of others.


Keep signatures simple; no advertising except basic URL's. (You can set your signature in your Profile; it displays at the bottom of all your posts.)

Society for Sacred Sexuality Board Administrator
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Joined: 03 Nov 2004
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Re: Forum Posting Rules & Etiquette    Posted: December 2, 2005 Reply with quote

To Everyone,

I have learned a great deal of valuable information and have had many wonderfull Sacred Sex experiences since joining this web site, reading all the forums and posts and practicing the lessons... so,

I'm much in favor of keeping the writing in all posts relavent to each topic and focused on its specific subject matter.

Since my time (and everyone's time) is very valuable,..
I think everyone should read these Forum Posting Rules & Etiquette before they post anything.

I'm in favor of: Arrow keeping the subject focused on learning... and...

....................... Arrow using only the ADVERTISING FORUM to promote one's goods & services.

I wish everyone to benefit from this beautifully written and informative web site, as much as I did.


To be able to love others, one must first learn how to love oneself.
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