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Legal Disclaimer & Medical Information

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Legal Disclaimer & Medical Information    Posted: September 29, 2004 Reply with quote

Important notices regarding all Society for Sacred Sexuality teachings
including all content on this website
and all private coaching/advice given by its founder or authorised representatives
whether paid or free, in person, via phone, internet, or other means of communication.


Content on is for educational purposes only. It is NOT presented as, and is no replacement for professional medical or psychological counseling advice. If you require medical or counseling advice regarding sexual practice or dysfunction, or other personal or relationship issues, you should consult a doctor or specialist. If your provider recommends the practices on this site, you should follow the health cautions given, as they apply. If you experience any decline in your condition, stop sacred sex practice immediately and seek advice from a qualified specialist.

The Society for Sacred Sexuality is an educational organization, and all content on its website is strictly informational. Neither the Society for Sacred Sexuality, its owners or employees, nor its affiliates shall be responsible for any problems or injuries, health or otherwise, sustained either directly or indirectly as a result of following the practices herein.

The founder of the Society for Sacred Sexuality has no degree training in medicine, sexual counseling, or related fields. All instructional content on this site derives from the founder's personal experience & spiritual training, supported by traditional systems of natural health, longevity & sexual potency from around the world. No material on this site has been reviewed or approved by any medical doctor, licensed counselor, or regulating government agency. Your use of this website certifies that you agree to assume full responsibility for your actions relating to all content herein.


If you have high blood pressure, heart condition or circulatory problems of any kind, respiratory condition (including asthma), sexual dysfunction or disease (including STD's or prostate condition), cancer, or other serious medical condition, you should consult your physician before beginning this or any other sexual practice. Current medical restrictions on sexual activity from your doctor apply equally to sacred sex.

Sacred sex practice is generally beneficial, not harmful to the body; however, increased energy flow in the body may tax capacity and aggravate symptoms if energy channels (blood vessels, air passages, etc.) are already blocked. Regular practice over time builds & strengthens the system, and may even alleviate pre-existing conditions, but in such cases, sacred sex should be incorporated into daily routine gradually, and under doctor's supervision.

Men with prostate conditions, or anyone with cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, and/or respiratory conditions, who have doctor approval to begin sacred sex, should follow the advice given in the Sacred Sex Lesson Forum's Health Caution when practicing it. (Those with other conditions listed above may practice the entire sacred sex program with doctor approval.)

SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE: No material or practices on this website diminish the risk, or heal the condition, of STD's (including HIV/AIDS). While sacred sex practice may boost immune system strength and aide conventional treatments, users with such conditions should seek professional medical advice, and should take standard precautions (including condom use, etc.) to prevent spread of STD's to sexual partners.

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Input    Posted: November 25, 2005 Reply with quote

Hey, Thanks for the info...
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