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Society for Sacred Sexuality

A Goddess Tale Like No Other

What would you do if the Goddess — Holy Mother to Christians, Shakti Kundalini in the East, Natural Law in the science-minded West, and Mother Nature to all — seduced you with states of spiritual ecstasy and rapture? What would you say if She illumined your consciousness, radiating Divine Light, subsuming your small individual self in boundless Universal Bliss? What if She showed, experientially, 'you are That'? If She lifted the veil of ignorance in your mind, revealing the True Nature of life? What would you do with that spiritual awakening?

How would you respond if, from that day forward, She guided your every move, time and again showing signs and wonders, teaching and enlightening you along the way, and revealing your destiny in the world and your role in the Divine Plan? What if She took you back to your birth, even past lives, showing how She's been working all along, evolving life on earth to prepare for the current age — that it is all meant to be? What if your life began to mirror world events, and She told you this too is part of Her Plan?

What if, day after day and year after year, She supports you when you need Her, makes you stand on your own when you don't, uplifts you when you're down, upbraids you when your head's too high, chides you when you stray, teases when you childishly err, plays games just to show that She's there, and jokes to show that She's just like you & me? And men, what if She plies you with sexual favors, showing Her unending Desire, all the while teaching you to use that desire for more spiritual awakening? What if She were, beyond compare, the 'perfect lover'? What if She were the 'woman of your dreams' — beyond all dreams — yet oh, so real? What if She made the world as we know it appear as a dream, showing Herself as the True Reality? What if She revealed Herself in your heart and never left, embracing your every desire — the "good" and the "bad" — without judgment, loving you unconditionally, absolutely, as both Her Child & Lover? What if She tempted you to constant Spiritual Communion? What would you do?

And what if this has continued all your adult life, with no sign of stopping — rather, with signs that She's just getting started revealing Herself to Her Children? What if world events are not what they seem? Think the world is going to hell in a hand-basket? Think again — Divine Intelligence is creating Heaven on Earth.

Would you make Her your own? Would you take Her as your constant companion, your Mother, your Lover, Teacher, and Guide? Would you sing Her Glory? Would She be your one and only Beloved? Would you follow Her to the ends of the creation? Adore the worlds She walks on? Worship in the dust at Her Feet? Would you serve Her day & night? Would you seal your heart and save your soul for Her? Would you surrender your self and enter into everlasting Communion with Her?

Then what if She laid you at the feet of Her Beloved Lord, lifted the veil on the Glory of God, and put your life in His hands? What if She revealed Herself to be nothing other than His very own Nature — God's Nature? Women, what if you became an instrument of Her Cosmic Desire, all the while filled with Spiritual Light, such that you saw the Light and Desire as Communion of God and His Nature — God & Goddess. What if that extends to sexual desire, such that your conception of being "filled with ecstasy" entirely changed? Would you fully cherish your sexuality? Would it empower you against patriarchal repression?

What if God & His Nature revealed spiritual secrets meant to unify global religion? What if these secrets are written on the world map, for all to see? What if a design is in place for the coming Kingdom of God? What if it's all part of the Divine Plan for global spiritual awakening?

And what if awakening is not some random event, some inexplicable blessing, but rather the result of a specific way of life — with everyday practical relevance to all? What if God's Nature revealed this to show that human nature is a reflection of Divine Nature, capable of fully reflecting Divinity in daily life? What if She gave this gift to you, to give to the world, as a gift from Her, for global awakening? Would you make good on Her universal love offering?

If the Goddess — God's very own Nature — revealed Herself to you this way, would you open yourself and accept Her courting? Would you dance with Her? Would you indulge Her seduction? Would you witness Her slowly lifting Her every Veil? Would you slip into the Divine Bed, heart yearning only to enter into Spiritual Communion, the Sacred Marriage, the Mystic Union?

And would you tell the tale?

A true story of Spiritual, Sexual, Social, and Global Awakening

Have you ever felt, "If I only knew how enlightened minds work, I would awaken"? Then this book is for you. Help tell a story of awakening, and awaken yourself. It will change your life — and our world — forever.

Women writers encouraged — give voice to the Divine Feminine.

Assisting writers wanted; be part of this wondrous story:

    ♦ project organizers/coordinators
    ♦ writers w/clear, readable style
      (esp. storytellers with a gift for drawing out knowledge, then crafting in writing)
    ♦ proofreaders/editors
    ♦ awakened souls w/desire to share and enlighten the world

This book covers many themes, including: general spiritual awakening & enlightenment, dharma (alliance with Natural Law, including Nature's infinite organizing power and support), enlightened sexuality & sacred sex practice (no experience/background required, but must be comfortable with), Christian and other religious revelations, plus basic introduction to Vedic Science and meditation (including Transcendental Meditation and Kriya Yoga). All are taught from a personal perspective in the context of real-life events, and related in a personal style, including personal love relationship & dialog with the Goddess.

Contribute to any or all parts, as you desire.

If you are serious about enlightenment and want to show the world the way to it, this book is for you. It dispels ignorance about natural law and how it acts in day-to-day life — through personal experience — leading to life in accord with it.

Patrons also wanted — share the proceeds. Or donate.

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